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NICK HOSTS.....Style Week OC 2010: NIKOLAKI Fashion Show, Cadillac Couture, This Friday!


Fashion Week in the OC!!!
NIKOLAKI Designers Nick Verreos and David Paul, taking their bow at Islands of The World Fashion Week, Bahamas
Well kiddies, we are less than a week away from debuting our Tenth Anniversary NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Collection at Style Week Orange County! We finished our Model fittings today (they went well!), went accessory shopping, got a FABULOUS Shoe Sponsor--Michael Antonio--and now, we just have LOTS of alterations, minor fixings, and still some looks our "Petite Mains" seamstresses are busy working on--- But trust me--David and I will be ready! Our show--in case you have been living under a (fashion) rock, is this Friday, October 1st, at 7PM. Style Week OC is Open To The Public (which is just FAB!!!) so if you can make it to the OC on Friday night and want to see some fashion--head to the Irvine Spectrum darlings--No RSVP necessary!
Here's a "Sneak Peak": An Aqua Blue Silk Zibeline Gown with hand-beaded neckline--just perfect for getting that Martini at the Sao Paulo Brazil Country Club or a fancy Gala at the Pelican Hill Resort!
In addition to my NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Runway Show--I am so excited to be emcee'ing the Cadillac Couture: Red Carpet Gown Fashion Show, right afterward (as well as Saturday night, Oct 2nd). Alumni from the Fashion Instute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM (where I am an Instructor, of course!) will show glamorous designs inspired by the car company's iconic design philosophy. Here are the fashion illustrations from the FIDM designers themselves:
Nick Gaska
Alejandro Ortega
Clay Sadler
Adrienne Young
Also, I will again host and judge the Ezekiel Needle & Thread Competition on Saturday night, October 2nd:
I hosted--and judged-- last year's Needle & Thread Competition at the 2nd Annual Style Week Orange County and I am back at it again! Last year, the Winner was FIDM Debut Graduate Adrian Manuel and since I was one of his Instructor's and Mentor in the Advanced Fashion Design Program, I was so proud of him!
And (Last Year's) Winner Is: Nick Verreos Announces Needle & Thread Competition Winner 2009, Adrian Manuel (left)
This year, there will be seven collection with 35 looks total--all from FIDM designers---and the winner will have their winning design featured in Ezekiel's Spring 2011 Collection! Very Project Runway-esque! *Click HERE for the entire schedule! *Also, HERE is my latest column for the Orange County Register's Style Binge Blog, which talks more about all the events happening this weekend at the Irvine Spectrum to celebrate Style Week OC! See you at Style Week Orange County...and bring your Best Fashion Look because I may be giving "Nick Red Carpet" Mental Gold Stars!!!!

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