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NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's Fashion Director Event, Plaza Las Americas Mall Puerto Rico

Bienvenido a Puerto REEEEECOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!
Align CenterMiss Puerto Rico: Nick Verreos and his Macy's Puerto Rico Models, Plaza Las Americas
One week ago--to the day--I went to the Caribbean Island (and unofficial 51st US State) of Puerto Rico, to host one of my many Macy's Fashion Director Events. I was SOOOO EXCITED to be coming to Puerto Rico. Why? First of all, I am half Latino and speak fluent Spanish and grew up in Venezuela--which is like Puerto Rico but in South America.
Also: This was my second time in the island. Back in my UCLA/College days, I spent a very crazy Spring Break in Puerto Rico with my College roommates and friends where I had to call my parents back home to wire me money because I had none to pay for a hotel! But this time I was going for work and actually staying in a nice hotel...
The Sheraton Hotel and Casino near the Convention Center. No beach or poker-playin' time, unfortunately. Need I remind you, I am here for Fashion and for Work! I arrived the night before my event and was surprised to see what awaited me at the American Airlines Gate:
Yummy Yummy: Sancocho
There were two people--with a whole "Soup Kitchen"-like set up--serving what I think was SANCOCHO! Now, in case you are Latin-food deficient, Sancocho is a traditional soup consisting of vegetables and (usually) large pieces of meat, served in a broth. As I walked out of my LONG flight, the entire gate was filled with waiting passengers (for the next flight I presume?) with Styrofoam bowls of the stuff. I was like "What the H***???". Welcome to Puerto Rico!!! It's like the "lei" of Puerto Rico I guess!
AM Modeling: Nick Verreos flanked by his Univision "Tu Mañana" Morning Show Models
Very early the next morning--the day of my event--I was scheduled to do an interview--and mini-Fall Trend Fashion Show with models--with the local Univision Morning Show, "Tu Mañana". When I showed up, I really had no idea what to expect and if they even knew who I was. But all that changed the minute I met my new GIRLFRIEND:
Matchy-Matchy: Nick Verreos and Nuria Sebazco, on the set of Univision's Puerto Rico "Tu Mañana"
The gorgeous "Tu Mañana" anchor, Nuria Sebazco. She went LOCA: She was like "OMG, te quiero! I read your blog..loved your Barbie! I loved you on the show..." Well, that was IT for me! I wish I had her as my every day Wake Up Alarm Clock! The interview and mini fashion show went great and I had a lot of fun with everyone at Univision Puerto Rico.
But now, it was time to get ready for my Puerto Rico "Director de Moda Evento" (translation: Fashion Director Event) at Macy's Plaza Las Americas.
We had three great Challenges, where audience members styled our models for special occasions which I came up with, such as Dressing for Puerto Rico High Fashion Week and "What Would You Wear For an Interview?".
Hug It Out: Nick Verreos and and old friend of his family who resides in Puerto Rico, Dyneli, who came out for the event Everyone had a lot of fun--especially me--and it was great to meet the fans of Project Runway in Puerto Rico. Hopefully I can return to this gorgeous island and possibly be invited to show my Nikolaki Collection like I showed in the Bahamas two years ago at Island of The World Fashion Week. I love me the Caribbean that's for sure!
One of the Pools at the Sheraton San Juan/Convention Center and the View of San Juan from the Pool Deck
Before leaving the following morning (I had a plane to catch to host another Macy's Fashion Director event, this time in Nashville Tennessee!), I had to at least get a photo of the Hotel's pool and some "Caribbean-esque" Palm Trees. Otherwise, people would have not believed that I was even there! Sorry no Beach-y photos, but I did get to see them from my airplane window when I left. Adios Puerto Rico, Te Amo! Now, I wonder where I can get some Sancocho in Los Angeles????? For Some Great Interviews I did in Puerto Rico (both in Spanish) Click Below:Click HERE for my Interview with Puerto Rican Newspaper "Primera Hora" Click HERE for an Interview with "El Nuevo Dia"

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Sarah said...

I'm a fan of your hair style nick !:) and I am so jealous, who are these beauty girls :)
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Bionica said...

omg the welcome sancocho is very cool
you need to find some Borinquen or Dominican place to have the sancocho, or take a trip to NY =)

the audience picking different items for an interview outfit sounds so fun

but it's cool that you were able to say hello to Borinquen