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NICK HOSTS.....Macy's Fashion Director Event Saturday Sept 18 in Tennessee

Hi Y'all Doing!!!
Well, I have left the Enchanting Island of Puerto Rico and now, I am on my way to Nashville Tennessee!!! TOMORROW on Saturday September 18Th, I will be hosting Macy's Fashion Director Event at the fabulous Macy's Green Hills in Nashville. I've been traveling to many Macy's stores across the US (and Puerto Rico!) hosting these fun fashion events and contests and now, my "Nick Tour" brings me to Nashville! This will be my First Time in Tennessee!!! (Yeay!)

Nick Verreos Hosting a Macy's Fashion Director Event
In case you might not be familiar with what the Macy's Fashion Director Event is, well kids, it's the Macy's Fashion Director Website...come to life right in the middle of a Macy's Store. And I'm your Macy's Fashion Director Host-with-the-Most! I choose audience members--shoppers, fans of Project Runway perhaps who have come to see me (!)--and they battle it out for who can create THE BEST OUTFIT for a particular Challenge which I come up with. They then get a short amount of time to dress the models. Finally, the audience--and MOI--get to choose the Winner! The winner of each Fashion Challenge gets a $100 Macy's Gift Card!!! Hello!
Nick Verreos hosting the Macy's Fashion Director Challenge in Houston Texas
So come to the Macy's Green Hills in Nashville and you'll have a chance to be a "Fashion Director" and win a $100 Macy's Gift Card--I'll also be telling all the Nashville Divas what's "On Trend" for Fall 2010!! See you there! Here are the Details: What: Macy's Fashion Director Event Hosted by Nick Verreos Where: Macy's, Mall at Green Hills Nashville Address: 3813 Hillsboro Pike Nashville, Tennessee 37215 Time: 2-4PM RSVP: Nope, just show up!!!

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