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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Macy's Fashion's Night Out Miami: RECAP

Three Outfit Changes In One Day, Miami Abuelitas, a Sexy Mr. Handsome Venezuela, and one DELICIOUS Chicken Chop Chop: My Fashion's Night Out in Miami!
Nick Verreos Strikes a Pose for Macy's Fashion's Night Out Aventura Mall Florida (photo courtesy Johnny Louis,
Well kiddies, I'm BAAACK!! Back home in Los Angeles that is, after my "Whirlwind Two Weeks of Travels" for Macy's. My travels began in Miami as I flew there to host the Macy's Aventura Mall's Fashion's Night Out on Friday September 10Th. I made a brief return to my studio back in LA (3 days), then I was off to Puerto Rico and then Nashville Tennessee.
Bold Shoppin' Nick: Nick Verreos Goes Shopping at Macy's Aventura Mall (photo courtesy of Johnny Louis,
And huney, I'm not done yet--In the next coming weeks I'm off to the Chicago area (Schaumburg Illinois!!) as well as Minneapolis Minnesota. I'm the Macy's Fashion Director--and now, Travel Guru! So, let's begin with Miami:
Macy's Aventura Mall, In Store Display for Fashion's Night Out 2010 (photo courtesy of Johnny Louis,
On September 10Th, the country celebrated Fashion's Night Out, a Cause de Celebre for Vogue's Anna Wintour, which is based on boosting the retail economy with events involving a fabulous night of shopping, giving back to the community and all around having fun...
New Project Runway Challenge? The Macy's "Bag Dress"
Macy's, of course, got involved and asked me to host a fun event at the Macy's Aventura Mall near Miami for the night. I arrived in Miami late the night before, and got ready for a 4AM Wake Up Call the following day: My event wasn't until 6PM, but my South Florida Macy's PR "bestie" had set up many a Morning Talk Show TV Interview to publicize me hosting the event.
And you know I'm a sucker for publicity and love those early morning wake up calls--as long as I have strong coffee in my hotel room, already brewin'! I had brought many an outfit change for the back to back TV Interviews because I Love Me an Outfit Change! And just to make each of those interviews that much more special.
My first stop (and 1st Outfit): Univision (the Spanish Language Network) Studios in Doral (about 30 minutes--depending on traffic--away from Miami). Because of my many "Despierta America" appearances, I know the Univision Studios very well and love everyone there. I did two fun interviews with the local Morning News Show, Noticias Al Amanecer for both Univison and their sister network, TeleFutura.
I did two separate interviews with the gorgeous anchors, Pamela Silva Conde (in purple) and Eileen Cardet (in green), they were SO much fun, and confessed their love of Project Runway and me (of course!). They looked FLAWLESS considering it was 6AM. And during commercial breaks, they were shopping on the web (They LOVE Gilt Groupe--and so do I!). The Noticias Al Amanecer set is in the same location they film one of the most popular shows on Univision:
"El Gordo y La Flaca" (translation: The Fat Guy and the Skinny Girl) which is an Entertainment Gossip Talk Fest hosted by Raul Molina and Lili Estefan (niece to Gloria Estefan).
Now to my second stop (and second Outfit Change): NBC Miami Show, "South Florida Today"
There, I met the lovely--and tall--Roxanne Vargas, one of the channel's main anchors and...
Nathalie Pozo, whom I did my Fashion's Night Out at Macy's interview. These South Florida anchors are like Miss Universes I tell you! All stunning and all very smart (and great outfits too!). Love them!
I then went to the Macy's Aventura Mall and did a quick TV interview with the AMAZING Lisa Petrillo for CBS Miami Channel 4. She was such a pro that I didn't even know we were already being filmed and doing the interview--it just seemed like we were chatting like old girlfriends!! Click HERE for the video!
Photo courtesy of Johnny Louis
A quick "disco nap" and my Third Outfit Change later...and I was ready for my Fashion's Night Out Event at Macy's Aventura/Miami. The event was a big success and I was so happy to see everyone who came out; from little kids, to Project Runway fans to the gays (of course!) and lots of the Abuelitas (Grandma's) (my favorites!).
Photo courtesy of Johnny Louis
We had a big fashion show featuring all the latest trends for Fall 2010, from Macy's of course, there were major Giveaways--cosmetics, perfumes, even tickets to go see "Dreamgirls"!
No Shirts Needed: Papi Underwear Spokesmodel Leonardo Corredor and Nick Verreos, Macy's Fashion's Night Out Aventura Mall (photo courtesy of Johnny Louis
A "Special Guest Star" at Fashion's Night Out and modeling in the show was model and new Papi Underwear Spokesperson, Leonardo Corredor, who was "Mr. Handsome Venezuela 2007". Of course, I had to get a photo with him! He was very sweet but for some reason, he just couldn't keep his shirt on!!! (OK by me)
The Host and his Models: Nick Verreos poses with the Macy's Fashion's Night Out 2010 Models, Aventura Mall (photo courtesy of Johnny Louis
Yummy Yummy: Chicken Chop Chop, from Chicken Kitchen Aventura Mall
After the event, my Macy's PR bestie said that I couldn't leave Miami without having a "South Florida Favorite": A Chicken Chop Chop from Chicken Kitchen: OMG!! She was right, it was sooooo goood! Wish I could have taken that on the plane back... Thanks Miami and thanks to everyone who came out for a GREAT Macy's Fashion's Night Out! Until next time--and remember: Shop Shop Shop!!!!!!

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