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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 8 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 6

Bridesmaids Redo, Tupac Drummond, Goiter Peplums, and much more...
Last night on Season 8 Project Runway, the Challenge was to re-make and re-work semi-NASTY Bridesmaid Dresses into hot, chic, sexy outfits that the women could wear out again...The results were mixed: Some worked and some, not so much. First of all, I hope most of these women aren't friends with the actual Brides anymore. Any Bride who would put you in any of these concoctions IS NOT YOUR FRIEND ladies. Just kidding! We suffer anything for a good friend, right?!? Well, at least none of the original Bridesmaid Dresses looked like this:
The Michael Costello Hating continued and it was PRICELESS to see the rest of the contestant's jaws drop when he actually won this Challenge with...
a very Heidi Klum-esque black cocktail dress, perfect for the Red Carpet, or in this girl's case, a night in Manhattan. Also, loved his "Props to Mood Fabrics" t-shirt! They better give him a LIFETIME SUPPLY of tulle for that free advertising!

Also, on this episode: For some reason "The Other Michael", Michael Drummond decided to bring back the Do Rag. Leave that to Tupac huney, may he rest in peace...
Speaking of Michael D., I kinda liked the dress he made for his "muse" Jacleen. The cheap "Mosquito Netting" was ghastly but she looked wonderful and the fit was nice. Plus, the "sisters" were lookin' good! Now for Miss Peach: Bless her Pink Sweater Heart!
It was a mess! The khaki lace, the dimensions, the silhouette and then she put her in those Booties!!! Oh Momma Peach! Leave it to Michael Kors to come up with one of the best one-liners in AGES to describe a dress. Where in the name of GAWWWWD, does he come up with these things???
Halter+Peplum+ Goiter!
I leave you with that...(sorry for that nasty photo, but TRUST ME, there are WORSE on the web... And here's a teaser of my Project Runway Recap: Bridesmaid Runway Wars: Pink Poly, Peplum Goiters and more DRAMA! Well, kids, it took a while to wash off last week's nasty and stressful team challenge episode where designer Gretchen Jones turned into General Patton Runway and all of her teammates drank her "Just-do-as-I-say" and "Boy, Isn't-Michael C.-such-a-bad-designer/patternmaker/draper/sewer" Kool-Aid. Only a slight (and secretly wonderful) residue of Tim Gunn bi***-slapping them at the end of the episode was left! With that, we begin the next challenge, and one filled with more Michael C.- hatin', lots of fire-igniting polyester and plus-size issues. Let's begin, shall we?..... To Read the entire Recap, click HERE...and make sure to leave me your comments and what YOU thought!

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guga mamãe said...

Hi nick my name is Maria Augusta and I'm from Brazil, I'm crazy for their work and believe you should have been the winner of his season of Project Runway. I know you must hear this a lot, and I am just another fan being silly, but I really think as much, you remind me of a very dear friend I have, even tried to buy here in Brazil with Barbie clothes that you created but not I could always reprising the second season of the show I am very happy here.
I know this is asking too much because now you're a big celebrity, but if you can write me, make me very happy. My email is I wish you every success in the world and hope you come to Brazil one day to see how beautiful my country is, and how you let the most beautiful women here still in the clothes that you create.
A big hug and hope you understand my English translator of google.

Anonymous said...

Love your recaps! First, Thanks for not including a real photo of a goiter. I would really like to hear your opinion of Michael C. since there is so much negativity swirling around him. Personally, I think that if all of those people would just concentrate on their own work and stop being so judgmental, they would be able to work harder and work smarter.
Best Regards,