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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universes Brook Lee, Justine Pasek, NIKOLAKI Show Style Week OC

Crowning Couture...
Align CenterMuses and Designers: Justine Pasek, Miss Universe 2001, Nick Verreos, Rita Verreos, David Paul and Brook Lee, Miss Universe 1997, Style Week OC, NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Fashion Show
As promised...I have more photos from our fabulous debut NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Runway Show at Style Week Orange County. In the previous post, I highlighted photos from the collection. Now, it's all about my special guests and some "Backstage Photos" including close-ups of the Make-Up and Hair plus trying to capture the madness of it all....
Our Hawaiian Beauty: NIKOLAKI Designers David Paul and Nick Verroes share the runway stage with Brook Lee, Miss Universe 1997 in NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Silk Zibeline strapless cocktail dress
David Paul (my NIKOLAKI Co-Designer and partner-in-crime) and I were ECSTATIC when we found out that two of the most GORGEOUS women in the Universe were attending our show: Brook Lee Miss Universe 1997 (and the last Miss USA to get that crown kiddies!) and just-as-beautiful from Panama, Justine Pasek, Miss Universe 2002. Brook wore one of our NIKOLAKI silk Zibeline pleated cascade cocktail dresses just for the occasion.
Sister Love: David Paul and Nick Verreos pose with Rita Verreos--in NIKOLAKI black & white printed plunging neckline dress, Style Week Orange County NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Runway Show
My mother is originally from Panama so she was SO excited to meet the gorgeous Justine Pasek. I was more than happy to see them--as well as my mom, and my sister, Rita Verreos and my niece Casia, who all flew from San Antonio Texas just for our show! Also, it was great to see David's entire family who drive up from San Diego just for the show. Speaking of beauty queens, my sister was a former Miss Venezuela 1988 Contestant and a contestant on Survivor: Fiji. Yep, she can eat bugs AND can do that "pageant pose"...
Backstage DISH:
Our exciting NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Fashion Show, as you may know, took place at the Irvine Spectrum Center, with the gorgeous Ferris Wheel as a backdrop (above). And like with every fashion show, the real exciting stuff is all backstage!
Model Holly Ridings showing the make-up for NIKOLAKI Spring 2011
We asked the Make-Up Artists to give DRAMA: Strong eyes, light pink lips; very Robert Palmer Girls thank you very much. After seen some of our models, I even went back to the make-up artists and asked for MORE!!!
We wanted the hair to be slicked-back, side-parted chignons: The best hairstyle to show off our gowns and sexy cocktail dresses. Again, one of my favorite models, Holly Ridings (above) shows off that perfect chignon. Even with all the craziness backstage, I somehow got some of our fabulous models to stop, pose and take a photo! I made sure their dresses were ON, before I captured these photos:
Backstage Divas: Models Lauren Gish and Carla Salomao in NIKOLAKI Spring 2011, Style Week Orange County
Hands On The Hips: Model Mercedes Cornet strikes a pose in NIKOLAKI Spring 2011, Style Week Orange County
Triple NIKOLAKI Threat: Models Eugena Washington, Saleisha Stowers and Lauren Gish, backstage, in NIKOLAKI Spring 2011, Style Week Orange County
I made sure the zippers were zipped, the hang-tape was hidden and that the dresses were on correctly. Thank Goodness David was back there with me. Without him and his fastidious Eagle-Eye, some of our gowns would have been on backwards (dressers can only do so much, bless their hearts!)
Zip It Up: David Paul zips up model Zdenka, backstage NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Fashion Show, Style Week Orange County
It all turned out great and we were very happy with the results. And the models loved our gowns and dresses and felt like FABULOUS Goddesses in them. Right Before they went out onto the runway, I gave them one advice: Be Beautiful!!! OK , I told them more...
Le Mariage: NIKOLAKI Designers David Paul and Nick Verreos pose with their final look, Sarah Deanna in the final NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Wedding Gown
I also said: "You Are Gorgeous!", "Work It!", and "Go out there and make EVERY woman jealous and EVERY man want you!". Yep, that's about it. They smiled and went on their runway merry way.... Click Below for a quick video of the beginning of our NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Runway Show:

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Darlene said...

OMG Nick Verreos! I was your crazy fan at the end of your fashion show who noticed you in the dark when you were sitting on that bench. Love the picture of us that I have!