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ICE STYLE.....NHK Grand Prix Japan 2010: Ladies, Men, Ice Dance

Figure Skating is BAAACK!!! And so are my Costume Hits and Misses...
Yes, it's Figure Skating Grand Prix Season and you know what that means: I am looking at the Costumes!!! As you may know, I am a big Figure Skating fan (I love you Michelle!!!) and during the last Olympics, I had the pleasure of doing some TV Commentary on the Figure Skating Costumes for Universal Sports. They have invited me again to give my "Nick Verreos Two Cents" on their Universal Sports Figure Skating Blog. After every Grand Prix city, I will be posting my thoughts on the site HERE, as well as of course, adding a couple extra ones here on my blog---
Enjoy and let's hope for More Sequins, More Color and More Male Plunging Necklines!
Lilac Flower: Mao Asada at NHK Grand Prix
Mao may have shocked her hometown by not doing well in this Grand Prix NHK Trophy but I think that in terms of her costume, she’s still has some magic…fashion magic that is. This was a “Softer/Gentler Mao”; I loved the lilac color and light beading. New Coach…New Costume Attitude…but lackluster scores unfortunately.
Havana by way of Tokyo: Daisuke Takahashi at NHK Grand Prix
Daisuke did a Mambo-inspired Short Program and chose to go the "Ricky Ricardo" route with his costume. Loved the multi-colored sequined print shirt with a very plunging neckline and he kept it simple with the black pants (good choice). BTW: Figure Skating Trend Alert: Men's PLUNGING necklines (Jeremy Abbott also did it! JEREMY ABBOTT!!!!!)

Spray Tan Illusion Mesh: Carolina Kostner at NHK Grand Prix
Carolina Kostner won the NHK Trophy skating to “L’Apres-Midi D’un Faune” and she (almost) wins here in terms of her fashion. I’m a fan of the asymmetrical details and of course, the lilacs and pinks. I just wished her illusion mesh was lighter (was she tan when she had her fitting? No more laying out in Positano Miss Kostner!) and the colors of her costume were STRONGER!
Don't Cry For Me Finland: Kiira Korpi at NHK Grand Prix
Kiira is just a Nordic Princess; absolutely doll-like beauty. She could wear a Hefty trash bag and look GORGEOUS! She skated to "Evita" and evoked every bit of the DIVA in this violet Ombre side-pleated costume. An 8.5 out of 10 in my book.
Mummy Muscle: Kevin Van Der Perren at NHK Grand Prix
Kevin skated to "The Mummy Soundtrack". His costume was all a bit of a mish-mash, from the one-armed flutter to the "taped-up" accents. At the same time, those BIG muscles of his did make me forget that his costume was less Pharaoh more "Abbott and Costello Mummy" movie.
Plunging Passion: Cappellini-Lanotte at NHK Grand Prix
Italian Ice Dance couple Cappellini-Lanotte skated to a romantic soundtrack and therefore chose to keep their costumes on the sublime and "traditional" side. They were pretty standard and not exciting in terms of Ice Dance. I liked hers but didn't like the color of his shirt. Dirty Creme? Really? And once again, we see the Male PLUNGING Neckline! I told you it was a TREND!
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