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NICK APPEARANCES.....Macy's Schaumburg Illinois Fashion Event: RECAP

Chicago: I'm BAAACK!!!
Mommy Peach and Uncle Nick: Peach Carr from Season 8 Project Runway and Nick Verreos, Macy's Woodfield
Last week, in all my getting-ready-to-debut-my-NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Collection-madness, I flew to Chicago for ONE DAY: I got up at 4 AM, caught a 6AM flight to Chicago, arrived at about 11AM just in time for my Macy's Woodfield Fashion Challenge Event in Schaumburg Illinois.
Macy's Woodfield Mall, near Chicago Illinois
The Village of Schaumburg, as it is officially called, is a suburb of Chicago and very close--thank goodness--to the Chicago O'Hare International Airport--it just took 15 minutes to get there (love that!). I also loved that it was COLD. After being in gorgeous--but hot & humid Miami, Puerto Rico, and 113 Degree LA--it was nice to have some natural air conditioning, let me tell you!
Munchies for Nick, Macy's Woodfield Mall "Green Room"
Upon arrival, I was greeted by a "Green Room" spread of ice-cold water, and a cheese and veggie platter (Thank You Macy's!). But then, my lovely Macy's PR girls told me "Nick, we have a special guest who would like to say Hi": It was Peach Carr (yes, "Mommy Peach" from this season of Project Runway!) We'd never met but had been corresponding via Facebook, so when I saw her, I put down that celery stick and ranch dressing dip and hugged her so hard, I wrinkled her very nicely pressed Military-inspired jacket (very Fall 2010 BTW!).
Here's Peach: Nick Verreos introduces Peach Carr to the Macy's Woodfield Fashion Challenge audience
Once I began my Fashion Challenge Event, of course, you just KNOW that I had to call her out in the audience (she was in the front row with her beautiful daughter) and get her up on the stage and introduce her to everyone! I was so excited to see that the Macy's floor where my event was happening was PACKED:
The packed Macy's Fashion Challenge/Nick Verreos Event at Macy's Woodfield
It was mostly standing room only. I don't think the Macy's organizers expected that many people to show up (maybe it was my LOUD voice yelling on the microphone telling people to "come and take the Macy's Fashion Challenge w/ Nick Verreos!!!!").
Meet The Parents Look, from a Macy's Woodfield audience member
As with all my other Macy's Fashion events, I chose three audience members, gave them "Challenges" such as "How To Dress To Meet your Boyfriend's Parents" and "What Would You Wear To A Red Carpet Event such as Chicago Fashion Week". I gave them 2 minutes to quickly pick our clothes from the racks, style their models and then, the rest of the audience would chose the Winner, who would get a $100 Macy's Gift Card!
Sequined Model: Nick Verreos, audience member and model Erica Milde, of Season 1 Models of The Runway/Project Runway Season 6
In addition to Peach from Project Runway Season 8, one of the models we used for this event looked a little bit familiar to me. So I asked...
And yes, it was Erica Milde from Season 6 (The "LA Season") of Project Runway and from Season 1 of "Lifetime's Model's Of The Runway" (seen in above photo, on the right). She was so sweet and worked the looks the audience members had styled for her very well.
Speaking of the audience: For some reason, I guess I am "big" with the little girls and the tweens (Watch out Justin Bieber!) because they were out in full Fashionista force!
And the Most Fashionable Audience Member Award Goes To: Nick Verreos hugs a "fan" and an audience member, Macy's Fashion Challenge Woodfield Mall
At one point, when I went to hug one of them after taking a photo, she actually cried! I know: Shut The Front Door! So cute. After my event was over, I also held impromptu "What Should You Wear to Your Homecoming Dance" styling sessions with several girls from the audience. It's Homecoming Season and the girls--and their moms--were out shopping and in need of "Nick Tips". Note to Macy's Execs: Bring me back for a "Homecoming Tips Event" next year!
Macy's Midwest Sandwich: Nick Verreos and his Macy's PR Girls
But sadly, soon after my "Homecoming Tips" session, I had to catch my flight back to Los Angeles--yes, all in one day: I arrived at 11AM, and was back at Chicago O'Hare by 5PM! Crazy. Even the American Airlines ticket counter people were like "Didn't we just see you!". Thank you to my lovely Macy's PR Girls (seen above) who were so kind, and so helpful (especially in taking all these photos!). Click HERE for a fun interview I did with the very stylish Jena Gambaccini of

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Karen said...

Hi Nick, Thanks again for being so sweet and kind to Eileen -- she is thrilled to be on your blog! I have more pix and a story about the event that you & your fans might get a kick out of:
Keep up the fab work!

Fashionista said...

Hey Nick! I LOVE you! You are my role model. I'm going to have tons of posters of you >:D I LOVE YOU!!! I'm so happy I found you! Your designs are AMAZING-and so are you! Your really cool-I can't believe I'm talking to you!