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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 8 Project Runway Recaps: Mundo Mondo

Mondo: You Win In My Book!
Stylin' Mondo
Look at you Mondo! You WIN!!!! You win in my heart and you win in this Episode!!!! Of course, everyone and their Project Runway-loving mom knows that, in this episode, my little Latin Urkel, revealed to the Basic Cable viewing audience--as well as Heidi, Nina, Michael and guest judge, Designer Rachel Roy--that he was HIV+. It was a major moment for Project Runway and you just know that it will be the "For Your Consideration Emmy Voters" DVD that will be sent in the mail. On top of that, I was BALLING!!!! But, there was more: For this, Episode 10 of Season 8 Project Runway, the designers got the fabulous HP TouchSmart Technology Computer Challenge where they had the privilege of designing their own custom fabric along with their look. I'm not a fan of re-hashing old challenges, but I do love this one kiddies!
As a "Twist", Daddy Tim Gunn, had "surprise Guests": The Designer's Moms: Mondo, had some bonding time with his lovely Madre (above) and...
Michael Costello, even got a visit from his "Mini Me" son (he's sooooo adorable!).
Christopher's Mom was nowhere to be seen, her absence was his partner/boyfriend. And Kudos for Lifetime for keeping that kiss! Love that in this photo they are just enjoying some Shrimp Cocktail...Go figure: Skinny buffed Up Gays do eat!
Off The Shoulder Barbara Walters
Now let's get to the Runway: Speaking of Cutie Christopher, he just LOVES creating designs for an older customer, bless his heart. That off-the-shoulder printed top and those slacks are SO very Barbra Walters. Like something she would definitely wear on "The View":
My Least Favorite was Andy South's:
He struggled the entire time, saying that he was in a "Memory Bubble" and was not even trying to hide his disdain for his own design. I wouldn't either: It was a MESS! There was NO DESIGN!
She looked like trashy singer Ke$ha after waaaay too many Long Island Ice Tea's from some late-night Hollywood Blvd D-list nightclub. Yep, I said it.
Miss Guatemala Does Cocktail
But, according to the judges, it was Valerie Moyen's aka "Miss Guatemala's" time to go. It wasn't that bad, but it wasn't good either. I know how it works now, she was on the bottom last time so the show was "setting it up" for you to not be soooo surprised when she was "Auf'ed". But the Winner:
Where Can I get Those Pants?
Was my dear little Mondo. His design was EXQUISITE! When his model came out on the Runway, I was like "WORK!!!!!". Seriously. That mitering of his great print was flawless, and she looked (I just HATE this word, but it applies) FIERCE. Go on Miss Mondo. Take your Project Runway Crown. This IS your Moment. I just have a feeling about who might win this whole thang...Just sayin' (I really don't know!). Here's a "Sneak Peak Intro: to my recap:
Positive Tears Of Fashion
Hello, "Project Runway" kiddies: I am in the midst of finishing up my NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Collection, which — along with my design partner David Paul — we will debut at tonight's fabulous 3rd Annual Style Week Orange County. But even all the alterations, fittings and last-minute craziness couldn't stop me from watching this week's "Project Runway"!
Get the Kleenex Out Well, hope you had the box of Kleenex out, because this was a MAJAH tearjerker of an episode. Amongst all the usual "Project Runway" shenanigans: a new challenge, surprise guests and more Gretchen "Two Cents" critiques, we had a HUGE revelation from one of the contestants, my little darling Latin Urkel, Mondo Guerra. So shall we just get started?........
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