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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos on Logo TV "The Arrangement": RECAP

Flower Couture!
Three's Company, LOGO TV Style: Designer Nick Verreos joins Eric Buterbaugh and Gigi Levangie-Grazer on "The Arrangement" TV show
Last night, the Logo Network got a little more fashionable: On last night's Reality Competition Show, The Arrangement, the Challenge was to create FABULOUS Headpieces--completely made of flowers--inspired by my NIKOLAKI gowns!! I introduced the Challenge since I was the "client" and I also got to be one of the special judges as well (of course!).
Line Dancin' Judges: Traver Rains and Nick Verreos, Guest Judges on Logo TV's "The Arrangement"
Also joining me on The Arrangement Judging Panel were hostess-with-the-fiercest-body Gigi Levangie Grazer, Mentor and Flower Designer DIVA Eric Buterbaugh, and... Traver Rains, former designer to Heatherette, TV personality and photographer.
For Your Next Challenge: Model Lisa Blades (in NIKOLAKI), Nick Verreos and host Gigi Levangie Grazer, The Arrangement
The Contestants vying for the coveted "Next Greatest Flower Designer" title not only had to design floral headpieces for my gowns but an accompanying one for one of my NIKOLAKI cocktail dresses, a gold silk-Lurex one-shoulder number.
Golden Girl: Model Lisa Blades (in NIKOLAKI) and Nick Verreos
When the producers invited me to be part of the show--and challenge--I told them that I HAD to bring my "Muses", no "if's and's or but's"! They obliged and so, of course, I called the gorgeous Lisa Blades, who you may remember from Lifetime's Models of The Runway Season 1, and the incomparable Amanda Fields, to join me and feature NIKOLAKI in the best (TV) light.
Pre-Gowns: Models Amanda Fields and Lisa Blades on location, Downtown LA, "The Arrangement" TV Show
I had SO much fun hanging out with "my girls" and they were--to say the least--such troopers throughout the very long shoot day (it's TV kids!). I had my very own trailer (I know, very A-list!) and so we hung out--in between shoots--watching TV, discussing boyfriend gossip, Project Runway dish and eating Twizzlers (Model Diet, Hello!!)
Cocktail and Evening Gown Flowers: Models Lisa Blades and Amanda Fields show off designs from "The Arrangement"
The competition was tough--in terms of what the contestants brought to the table for this challenge. I was excited to see what they had designed. When I initially met them, they all seemed excited to see me. I hoped that even after I had to judge them--and vote one off, that they would still "Like me...really like me!"
In the end, the Winning Design (above) went to Tara Cottrell, who created a very dramatic design inspired by my black silk taffeta plunging neckline mermaid shaped "Flamenco" gown.
She used Phalaenopsis and Oncidium Orchids as well as Gladiola Pedals; anything with PHALAENOPSIS attached to its name gets my vote! It was the perfect headpiece for such an elegant and striking (if I don't say so myself) gown. Unfortunately, the very sweet Jenny Barker was eliminated. She designed a crown-like flower headpiece that was supposed to be inspired by my turquoise silk jersey and copper sequin waist "Grecian Goddess" gown. All the contestants did an AMAZING job, but it was a competition and someone had to go. Congrats to Tara and I am sure Jenny has a bright "floral future" ahead of her!
To watch the ENTIRE episode click HERE!

2 Responses to "NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos on Logo TV "The Arrangement": RECAP"

Anonymous said...

finally got to watch this episode...So very cool that you were able to showcase so many of your beautiful designs on tv, and have a challenge geared specifically about you! You picked the perfect headpiece as winner too. :) said...

I am a florist.
Nowhere this show mention prices.
All these arrangements are "gaudy" and pompeous just like Eric Butterbaugh.
This show is a very bad spinoff of the greats.....Runway....American idol...America got talent...
This is not a reality show or if it is it's about Butterbaugh.
Nothing to rave about.
I would not die just to not have this monstruous, ridiculous gathering of flowers on my box.

Get real Eric, it's a reality show not a nightmare on TV, Sir.