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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network "The Fashion Team" Debut

Fashion Bar!
Sitting Pretty: Stylist Jennifer Rade and Fashion Designer Nick Verreos, filming TV Guide's The Fashion Team, at Dry Bar Studio City
TV Guide Network's The Fashion Team show is BAAACK! And now better than ever. Why? Well, for one, I'll be on EVERY WEEK! (Yeaaayyy!). And guess who else with be with me? Yep, my trusty--and most CHIC--"TV Guide Award Fashion Wrap" girlfriend, the one and only Jennifer Rade, stylist to the stars (Angelina Jolie, Marilyn Manson, Pink). Beginning today (Sunday), we will be giving our "Hot" or "Not" take on Celebs on the Red Carpet as part of The Fashion Team.
The show--hosted by Lawrence Zarian, who also is our "ringleader" for the TV Guide Awards Show Fashion Wrap, will lead us in talking about a certain celeb at a certain event. And then, kiddies, we go to town.
A Fashion Team: Jennifer Rade, Lawrence Zarian, Nick Verreos, Dry Bar Studio City
And we'll make sure to not just say "Ooooh, Girl that was a MESS!" but also let you know why and how not to make it a mess next time! For this first installment, we were at the brand new Studio City location of...
Dry Bar is a "No Cuts, No Color, just Blow Outs" salon whose co-owner happens to be actress Rose McGowan. When both Jen and I arrived, Lawrence was already filming his segment with Rose. I didn't get a chance to meet her because she was too busy filming naturally, but she looked great!
You can click HERE to watch that interview. And don't forget: Watch: TV Guide Network's The Fashion Team, hosted by Lawrence Zarian w/ Nick Verreos and Jen Rade When: Sundays, 1 PM, 5 PM , 5:30 PM, and 1:30 AM

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