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Talking Figure Skating...
Sitting Pretty: Nick Verreos and US Figure Skater Rachael Flatt
As many of you know by now, I have a personal love for Figure Skating which yes, was spurred on by my NIKOLAKI partner David Paul (who REALLY REALLY Loves Figure Skating). He and his "Skating Buddies" would watch the sport and I would just be the "Skating Wife" in the background. Well, of course, that all changed once I was on Season 2 Project Runway and I had to design a costume for Sasha Cohen. I was subsequently "infected" with the Figure Skating virus! Now, naturally I respect the athleticism and power of the sport but of course, I watch it for the COSTUMES!!!!
Drew Meekins with former pairs partner Jessica Rose Paetsch in 2008
Recently, I got a fun email from Writer/Illustrator and Contributor Sarah S. Brannen and American Pairs Figure Skater--and 2006 World Junior Champion-- Drew Meekins requesting an interview from me for "The Inside Edge with Sarah and Drew".
Besides being a great Children's Book Author and Illustrator, she is an avid fan of Figure Skating and has photographed the sport for years. Here are some samples of her work:
Johnny Weir at 2006 US Nationals
Sasha Cohen, 2006 Marshall's Challenge
Well, of course, I said YES YES and YES! I had a blast doing the interview and we talked about my love of Figure Skating, and my thoughts of various skater's costumes of course. Click HERE to read the entire interview.

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