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NICK APPEARANCES.....IOTW Fashion Week 2010: Arrival, Jay McCarroll's "Eleven Minutes"

The Bahamas...Here I Come!!!!
Uncle Nick and Mommy Peach: Nick Verreos with Project Runway Season 8 Designer Peach Carr and Daughter Molly at LAX
Last week, I flew to the Caribbean island nation of The Bahamas to host The Islands of The World Fashion Week 2010. Two years ago, I had the pleasure of actually debuting my Spring 2009 Collection at the Islands of The World Fashion Week...but this time, I was invited back to host. Less steaming...less model fitting...less alterations...less stress!! And more hosting fun time. My trip began at LAX with a I made my way to my gate, my NIKOLAKI design partner David Paul (who of course came with me), yelled "Is that Peach?" Yep, wouldn't you just know that Peach Carr, Project Runway Season 8 Designer was in the same terminal waiting to catch a flight back to Chicago (she had flown to LA to attend an event) with her daughter! Well, I thought this was a fabulous start to my Bahamas Islands of The World Fashion Week Adventure!
Flossy-Flossy Limo: Nick Verreos and Mr. Brooks, the "Ultimate VIP Driver" in The Bahamas, Nassau Airport
After about 8 hours of flying and a Miami-to-Nassau connection, David and I finally arrived in The Bahamas, where our unofficial "Mr. Bahamas", the dashing Mr. Brooks, our driver awaited us with a LONG white limousine and a big smile! We had the pleasure of originally meeting Mr. Brooks two years ago when I showed my collection in The Bahamas and we were more than ecstatic to re-unite with him...and his LONG WHITE LIMOUSINE!!!
Crusing: Cruise Ships parked outside our British Colonial Hilton Pool and Private Beach
After checking in to the British Colonial Hilton, site of the 2010 Islands of The World Fashion Week, and getting some much needed rest, we ventured into the gorgeous Caribbean sun-drenched pool area of the hotel, only to be greeted by THREE of the biggest Cruise ships parked (literally) outside!!! These Cruise Ships weren't stuck off the coast of Mexico waiting to be rescued!
Dip In The Pool: View of the pool and private beach from our hotel room, The British Colonial Hilton Nassau Bahamas
On this first evening, we were invited to an exclusive Bahamas screening of Project Runway Season One Winner Jay McCarroll's Documentary "Eleven Minutes". Jay, in fact, was one of the starring "Guest Celeb Designers" showing at this year's Island of The World Fashion Week and so it was only natural that the documentary that followed his first official Mercedes Benz NY Fashion Week Runway Show several years back, would "kick off" this week's events.
White Pant Screening: Nick Verreos at the "Eleven Minutes" Screening, Islands of The World Fashion Week 2010
Over 100 VIP guests were invited to the screening-- including editors, designers and yes, myself.
I had seen "Eleven Minutes" back at the official OUTFEST Hollywood Screening a couple of years ago along with my Season 2 Alumn Raymundo Baltazar and Season One Finalist Kara Saun (above photo), yet I was excited to see the film again. After the film, Jay (who had just arrived from Pennsylvania) held a Post-Screening Q & A. He had not even unpacked and in fact was driven straight from airport to the movie theater so I'm sure all he wanted was a post-flight cocktail. Yet, he was gracious enough to answer all the questions.
Caribbean Queens: Jay McCarroll and Nick Verreos, "Eleven Minutes" Screening, The Bahamas
As he looked out in the audience, he almost choked...on his he saw me and David and exclaimed "Nick Verreos! What Are YOU doing here???" I guess no one informed him that I would be hosting the Islands of The World Fashion Week events, and he was happily (I think!) surprised to see me there. Needless to say, it was wonderful to see Miss Jay. You never know who you might run The Bahamas!!! Next Up: Islands Of The World Fashion Week 2010 Recap: Day One Click below for a fun little video showing the beautiful beach at the Hilton in the Bahamas--and those HUGE Crusie ships:

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