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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team", Brooks Brothers Rodeo Dr.

Beverly Hills Fashion Team Preppy Chic
Welcome To Our County Club: Designer Nick Verreos and Stylist Jen Rade, Brooks Brothers Rodeo Drive
Last week, TV Guide Network's "The Fashion Team" host-with-the-most Lawrence Zarian had to fly to The Big Apple to shoot a segment with the fabulous Rachael Ray as well as his "pals" Regis and Kelly. So what did that mean for Jennifer Rade and I--his Fashion Team Red Carpet cohorts? That we were on our own huney!!!!
So to shoot our most recent Fashion Team "What's The Fashion?" segment, Jen and I went to the very posh and very preppy Brooks Brothers Rodeo Drive Flagship in Beverly Hills. The store had JUST begun putting their Holiday decorations out so it was looking a bit festive, as you can see from the photo I took from the Grand Staircase. Preppy Chic is very IN at the moment so naturally we had to go to Brooks Brothers, the "Grand Daddy" of all things preppy and Aristocratic Americana for this week's "Hot" or "Not" Red Carpet segment.
I Need A Ball Gown: Nick Verreos surveys the Brooks Brothers Rodeo Drive Grand Staircase
Of course, I HAD to bust out my navy double breasted brass-buttoned blazer and gray wool slacks for this occasion! Filming at Brooks Brothers Rodeo Drive was a blast and I even bought something, of course: A PINK polka-dotted pocket scarf. Yes, I too can look Aristocratic Americana, well, the Greek-Latino version...The episode premiered this past Sunday on the TV Guide Network while I was in The Bahamas hosting various Runway Shows for the Islands of The World Fashion Week 2010 but you can still catch it THIS Friday Nov. 19 at 7:30PM and Saturday Nov. 20 at 1:30PM. Click Below to Watch Last Week's "What the Fashion?" TV Guide Fashion Team segment from the SPIN Bar & Lounge at Sunset Blvd's Mondrian Hotel:

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