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ICE STYLE.....Grand Prix Cup of China 2010: Ladies, Men, Pairs, Ice Dance

Go Figure China!!!
My New Love: Chinese Pairs Sui Wenjing and Cong Han
The Grand Prix of Figure Skating continues and this past weekend, we were (not I but the figure skaters!) in China for, yes, the Cup of China. The skating was of course, amazing but naturally, I'm here to discuss the lovely--and sometimes not-so-lovely costumes, for my Figure Skating Blog for
One thing I need to get off my designer chest: After watching this past weekend, I am now in LOVE with the Chinese Pairs couple of Sui Wenjing and Cong Han. She's about 4' 7" tall and like EIGHT!!! (OK, I lie, she's 15, but still!) and they were the World Junior Champions last year and now are debuting in the Senior Grand Prix circuit. And did I mention I LOVE them! They were unbelievable. Those two are ones to watch! If they are that good now, huneyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!! But I digress, let's get to my Figure Skating Costumes "Two Cents":
Chen Peitong Short Program
Mud and Yellow Fish Creature: I assume that Chinese Men's Figure Skater Chen Peitong's yellow and brown costume had something to do with the "Yellow River Concerto" soundtrack he skated to--that doesn't mean it worked! It was as if some already not-so-pretty fish got stuck in mud in that aforementioned Yellow River and out came this hybrid of a creature worthy of a bad Japanese Monster Movie. Icky Poo.
Faiella and Scali Short Dance
My Fair Skating: From the minute Italian Ice Dancers Faiella and Scali stepped onto the ice, their costumes had "My Fair Lady" written all over it, but in a subtle not overdone way. His: A dapper gentleman's 3-piece suit evoking tailored elegance and hers, an ivory with black-and-white striped dress was an exquisite representation of Audrey Hepburn's iconic costume from the movie. A perfect example of how costumes don't have to SCREAM to have a powerful effect and yet, can still put an exclamation mark on a sublime ice dance performance.
Pechalat Bourzat Short Dance

I Need a Shot of Vodka: “Dr Zhivago” never looked so intense, chic and oh-so-passionate. These outfits perfectly represent how costumes can enhance a performance when Ice Dancers get it right! The intensity of the fire red color juxtaposed against the jet black beading was a perfect contrast and evoked the style of the Early 1900’s. Her asymmetrical chiffon skirt was a great choice adding fluttery movement and drama to the overall look.
Miki Ando Free Skate

Figure Skating Red Carpet: I absolutely loved Miki Ando’s Free Skate Costume in which she skated to Piano Concerto in A Minor by E. Grieg. Miki usually goes for black-colored costumes so this wasn’t a surprise. What I admired was the demure elegance of the front combined with the captivating sexiness of the plunging low back. The beading was delicate yet expressive and she is even accessorized: Notice the “built-in” diamante necklace! A ten in my Figure Skating Costume Book!
And now we go from Miki Ando's "Figure Skating Red Carpet Chic" to Alena Leonova's Costume above...
Click HERE to read what I REALLY thought of this colorful Dingle Ball Explosion, as well as many other costumes from the Grand Prix Cup of China!!!!

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