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ICE STYLE.....Grand Prix Cup of Russia 2010: Men, Ladies, Ice Dance

Babushkas Loves Sequins!
Tango Hands Abbott: US Figure Skater Jeremy Abbott at Cup of Russia
Figure Skating Fever: If you've been keeping up with my blog here, you might know that I have been covering the Costume "Hot's" and "Not's" for for this season's Grand Prix series.
Now we are in St. Petersburg Russia for the Cup of Russia 2010. Several Figure Skaters changed up their costumes from the last time they competed--some good and some not so much. Here are some improved ones:
Ashley Wagner US Figure Skater
Where Are My Castanets: I think Ashley’s Long Program costume is a step in the right direction. She always looks elegant and regal and I think this more traditional style suits her skating better. Although a bit fussy for my taste (not a fan of the ruffled “rickety-rack” trim that looks as if it came from JoAnn’s Fabric Store), the strapless effect of the dress and the beautiful Ombre-dyed skirt enhance her beautiful skating.

Akiko Suzuki Japanese Figure Skater Skating to "Fiddler On The Roof"
And the Award For “Much Improved” Goes To: I think this is a big improvement from the costume Akiko wore at Cup of China. It is more sophisticated and reflective of what is happening in fashion now; the asymmetry of the neckline, the diagonal ruffles, the contrast edging, the rosette details. The previous costume looked juvenile and meant more for a Junior Skater. She went from 15 to 25 in ONE beautiful Costume! The "Why Bother"...
Tomas Verner Czech Republic Figure Skater Skating to a Michael Jackson Medley
Beat It: Czech boy-wonder Verner changed up his costume by going from a blue shirt to a black shirt (boy, that was a STRETCH!). While I understand that he is simplifying everything this year, I think this is taking things a step too far. He went from looking like he worked on the Lido Deck to becoming a student at the Marcel Marceau School of Mime! And Then...
Lucie Mysliveckova and Matej Novak: Let My People Go: Remix
Russia's Mysliveckova and Novak skated to music that included--among others--an African-American Spiritual Song, ABBA and well, everything in between. The soundtrack was a potpourri of a MESS and what did I think of their corresponding costumes? Click HERE to read what I really thought plus view all my comments from the Cup of Russia Grand Prix of Figure Skating.

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