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WHO WORE WHAT?.....UsWeekly Fashion Police: Sizing Up The Celeb Not's

Fashion Policing...
This Week on UsWeekly...Did Nick's Comments Make It In...Or Not?
Every other week in Us Weekly, I am one of the "Top Cops" in the magazine's "Fashion Police" section, where I give my Oh-No-You-Didn't commentary on that week's Red Carpet Not's. Most of the other commentators are professional writers and comedians so I try and be funny and witty yet somehow give a little bit of my "two cents" as a Fashion Designer and Fashion Design FIVE words or less!!!
Sometimes, I get one comment in there--it's up to the fabulous Us Weekly editors--what makes the cut. In this last week's issue--from November 15Th--I actually got TWO! (Yeayyy!): For Padma and Rihanna. Hope that the next time you are at the airport--and after you've been cleared by the TSA agents--you make your way to the Newsstand and pick up an Us Weekly. Go straight to the back and see if any of my comments made it in there or not...

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