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NICK APPEARANCES.....E! Entertainment Holiday Party in Westwood, CA

Doughnuts, In-n-Out Burgers, Desserts Galore, Open Bars...and LOTS o' Taxi's!!!
We Need To Stop Meeting Like This: Kit Scarbo (stylist extraordinaire and Season 4 Project Runway Alumna), and Nick Verreos, E! Entertainment 2010 Holiday Party
Yes kids, it's the Holiday Season, and that means one thing here in LA-LA land: Holiday Parties!!! This last week, I got invited to the E! Entertainment Holiday Bash--for the FIRST TIME! I brought along my NIKOLAKI partner David Paul with me naturally. The party was being held in Westwood near my old "stompin' grounds": UCLA. I attended the University of California, Los Angeles and got my B.A. in (wait for it!) Political Science/International Relations many, many moons ago, before I went on to pursue my real love: FASHION!
Oscar Girls: Former E! host Debbie Matenopulos, Nick Verreos and Kim Kardashian, 2008 Pre-Oscar's Show
As you may know, I have been on E! several times, including the time I did the Pre-Oscar Show with then on-air personality Debbie Matenopulos as well as (Wait For It Part Two!), La Kim Kardashian. I've also recently been filming episodes of Style Network's "Style Star", a show about celebs and their fashion style. In fact, I just found out that "Style Star" is airing on E! International and will begin airing domestically on the Style Network in early 2011!! To make a long story executive from the show was kind enough to invite me to the E! Holiday Party (Yeayyy!!!).
SO...let's get to the PARTY. A full-on parking-lot sized tent was set up (see photo above) near the UCLA campus, for this fabulous E! Entertainment Holiday Party. Inside, there were hundreds--if not thousands of guests, mingling and in their out-of-work/cocktail-attire finest, enjoying the immensity of it all.
Many Open Bars were set up--fully stocked--to serve everyone. There were A LOT of Dessert Tables framing the inside of the tented soiree, with many sweet goodies, including:
Oversized cookies, lollipops, chocolate-covered EVERYTHING, peanut brittle, fresh fruits and...
Smore's Parfait's (they were DELICIOUS, David let me taste his!). Waiters passed around an unending amount of In-N-Out Burgers as well, for those who maybe needed a respite from all the sugar. Speaking of (more) sugar, I made it outside to "get some air" and lo and behold, I was stopped by a Doughnut Wall! Yes, you read right: There was a wall with fresh glazed doughnuts waiting for the guests to start pickin'.
Doughnut Picking: Nick Verreos at the E! Entertainment 2010 Holiday Party "Doughnut Wall"
Once I got done with the In-N-Out burgers and the doughnuts, I began really enjoying myself. I did not see Miss Kim K. or Chelsea Handler or Ryan Seacrest, but...I did run into my Project Runway "sister", the lovely and very stylish Kit Scarbo (as you can see from the photo at the beginning of this post).
I ran into comedienne Loni Love, whom I had recently worked with on Logo's "Gossip Queens" TV Show (she was SOOO sweet!), and saw fellow Style Network "Style Star" commentator Marcella Reynolds as well as frequent E!'s "Daily 10" style expert, Amanda Luttrell Garrigus.
E! Fashionistas: Nick Verreos poses with guests: E! Entertainment 2010 Holiday Party
I had an amazing time, but soon enough, it was time to go, and as David and I made our way out, we spotted many, many Taxi Cabs waiting...Oh did I mention: E! made sure to give out Taxi Cab Vouchers so people could get home safely...I know, they think of EVERYTHING! These people really know how to throw a Holiday Party! Happy Holidays Y'all!

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