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NICK APPEARANCES.....Wall Street Journal and America's Next Top Model Controversy

Is Too Thin the new Modeling?
Cover Pretty: Ann Ward, Winner of America's Next top Model Cycle 15
Last week, as y'all may know, America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 (My GAWD!!!! CYCLE FIFTEEN!!!) crowned a new Top Model Winner, and it was none other than the six foot two Dallas, Texas native--and self proclaimed NERD--Ann Ward.
Any Questions? Tyra Banks in a Vogue Italia editorial, showing why she IS a SUPER model
As I began to watch the entire season (yes, of course I watch it!), I knew she was going to be the winner--from the minute Miss Tyra announced that Vogue Italia would be the magazine "partner". You see, Vogue Italia is hipper than the word HIP (do people still say "Hip"?). It's UBER hip, and always on the extreme: Extreme photo shoots, extreme models, extreme editorials.
Italia Fierce: A Vogue Italia Cover
EVERY fashionista worth their Hermes Birkin Bag reads it and is inspired by its editorial layouts. The moment her extreme body showed up on the ANTM set, I whispered "done and done" to my NIKOLAKI--and fellow Top Model watcher, David Paul. It also helped that throughout the season, she won almost every other photo challenge. She looked amazing--and very Vogue Italiaesque--in every photo.
Runway Not So Much: America's Next Top Model Cycle 15 Winner Ann Ward modeling for the Just Cavalli Fashion Show in the Finale
But poor thing, she had the personality of a french fry, and even admitted to that. In addition, she looked like a bowl-legged under-developed Deer Caught In the Headlights while trying to do runway. I'm sure Miss J just sort of gave up thinking "She looks amazing in photos and she's 6'2"...I'll take that!"
Work It Ann: One of the Best Photos from Cycle 15 America's Next Top Model, featuring Ann Ward, the Winner
But, yet, she still won. Because in the end, it was up to the Vogue Italia "powers that be" as well as the Model Agency (IMG) that would have to try and make some money off of her--to decide. And well, she takes amazing photos, and really that's the ticket. Plus the fact that her body is a freak of nature, which stylists, artists, photographers--and some Fashion Designers--love...
With that being said, last week, I was contacted by, to give my "Nick Verreos Two Cents" on the the subject of her being too thin and if that's a good image for the fashion and modeling world.
Fashion Twosome: Amanda Fields and Nick Verreos
I also referred them to get in touch with one of my Model Muses, the lovely Amanda Fields-- who is in our most recent NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Look Book and opened our last OC Style Week Fashion Show-- so she could give her thoughts, as a working professional model. Click HERE to read the article and see what we said.

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