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ICE STYLE.....Grand Prix Finals 2010: Best, Worst

A GRAND Grand Prix: My Best and Worst...with "Professor Nick Costume Grades"!
Linear Tango: Davis and White of the US, ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals, Beijing China
This past weekend was the 2010 ISU Grand Prix Finals of Figure Skating in Beijing China at the Beijing Capital Gymnasium. Thank goodness for Universal Sports and NBC because I got to watch the entire event from the comfort of my home back in Los Angeles! So, yes, the Grand Prix series is over--for this year--and as you may know, I have had the pleasure of critiquing the costumes for and their Figure Skating Blog "Go Figure" (love that!).
So, for my “Figure Skating Costumes Two Cents” blog, I thought I would do a “Best” and “Worst” of the Season, in terms of the costumes of course. And since--besides being a Fashion Designer--I am also an Instructor at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM here in LA, I thought it would be perfect to also give these "Best" and "Worst" Grand Prix costumes my "Professor Verreos Fashion Grades”...
Lilac Lift: Pang Qing and Tong Jian of China at the ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating Finals, Beijing China
But First: Even at this Grand Prix Finals, after traveling across the Globe to four different continents for all the various Grand Prix Competitions, there were still some skaters changing up their costumes, and in the case of Japanese Figure Skater Miki Ando, a whole new Short Program!! Here are some Examples of the Last Minute Costume Switcheroo's:
Why The Change: In Beijing this past weekend, Miki Ando skated a new Short Program to "Broken Sorrow Egyptian in the Night" and Gabriel's Oboe The Falls. I loved this new ivory lightly beaded costume. Miki loves a PLUNGING back and this one had it! It was interesting in that (correct me if I am wrong), but I don't think the back was even covered in the typical nude illusion but it was actually just bare! If so, she SERIOUSLY must have had A LOT of double-stick tape! It was a prettier and softer Miki, but I wasn't a huge fan of the bell sleeves and also the length of the skirt was too long. I personally didn't have a problem with her other Short Program Costume--or her other Short Program for that matter--so I am still confused as to why she even changed it! I think she's also realizing she shouldn't have changed anything since she didn't do so well.
Fringe Couture: Another Japanese Skater, Daisuke Takahashi busted out a new Short Program costume. If you look close, he KEPT the same pants but switched the top. The new top was black, instead of lipstick red, and featured fringe. I love Takahashi because in terms of costumes, he just "goes for it" and understands the importance of costume as an integral part of the entire performance although I do prefer him with the slicked back hair.
Fiercer Vest: In his new Long Program, Takahashi also changed his top but kept the old black stretch velvet pants. The new top included a black shirt with beaded black vest. I like this new one much better than the magenta and lace one he wore before (on the left). It looks more modern, more "fashionable", and shall I even say, fiercer (sorry, I know, that word is TIRED) although 2 black costumes is a bit repetitive for my taste.
Now, let's get to my "Best" and "Worst" of the entire Grand Prix of Figure Skating 2010--Below is an "Amuse Bouche" of my List--one for each category... BEST:
Modern Razzle Dazzle: Our US “Golden Girl”, Alyssa Czisny dazzled on the ice taking the Top Spot for her skating, and in addition, I give her my “Nick Verreos Gold Medal” for her costumes. Both her Short and Free Program choices reflect where Ladies Figure Skating Costumes should head for the future. They were directional, fluid, and feminine and gave a nod to actual fashion trends (the asymmetrical neckline, under-bust beading, strong color) and in addition, they could remarkably, go from the Ice to an Awards Show Red Carpet--with just a change of a skirt! Grade: A

Dingle-ball Witch: When I first saw Russian Figure Skater Alena Leonova in BOTH her Short (L) and Long Program (R) Costumes, I yelled “Oh Dear!” Now, I’m not a Professional Judge of Figure Skating, but I’m pretty sure, those are not the words one wants to hear when they first step on the ice. I know that her Themes involved Polka/Circus and “Witches of Eastwick” but that still didn’t excuse the dingle-balls, the $1.99 Diamante trim, the BEIGE ice skates (not a fan!), black gloves with painted nails (I swear!) and the 1976 Nadia Comaneci hair-DON’T. Cirque du Soleil: Yes. Grand Prix of Figure Skating: NYET! Grade: D
To Continue Reading my Complete List of Best and Worst Costumes of the 2010 ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating: Click HERE on my Figure Skating Blog for!!!!

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Katie said...

I'm soooooo glad you & I agree on Alyssa Czisny! She looked stunning in both dresses - appropriate and beautiful. I hope she grows into the next American Ice Princess!