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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos Interview with

Talking Fashion, My Vision of the Ultra Feminine Woman, Teaching, my New Collection, and More...
Popping The Collar: Nick Verreos
Recently, I did an interview with writer Carina Calhoun for 944 Magazine's website I had so much fun chatting with her on a wide range of topics, from how my own line NIKOLAKI--co-designed with David Paul--began, what my vision for making women ultra feminine is... As well as discussed my love of teaching at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM. In addition of course, I talked about my newest Spring 2011 NIKOLAKI Collection, which we recently debuted at the fabulous Style Week Orange County 2010, and one of my favorite projects from this past year:
Nick Verreos poses with the The Victory Project Experts: Chantal LinkMoore (far left), Kacy Duke and Katherine Brooking (far right)'s The Victory Project Sponsored by Special K, a web show where four Experts (including myself!) find four women in three different cities and help them with nutrition, exercise and after they've reached their "Victorious" goal, all four ladies are given a make-over complete with Hair, Makeup and a styling session with ME!
Nick Verreos at the Chicago taping of The Victory Project, with Jennifer at Cinnamon Boutique
I have a blast showing REAL WOMAN--ones that are not a size 4, how to find clothes that brings out their inner DIVAS! Speaking of Divas, the writer asked me who my "ideal" client would be; an actress I'd like to dress, let's just say. And I mentioned Spanish actress Penelope Cruz.
I love her acting, love how strong yet ultra feminine she is, and yes, love that she is from EspaƱa! Now, I know that she loves Marchesa and since she is one of Harvey Weinstein's "muses", it's not a coincidence she wears a lot of his wife's designs. She also loves Ralph Lauren; a lot of Spanish socialites and actresses do too. But maybe, just maybe she should consider one of our NIKOLAKI gowns for her next red carpet awards appearance...who knows, a boy can dream right? Below are a couple of suggestions:
Infanta: Black silk taffeta fitted Mermaid-shape gown with hand beaded feather trim, NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul
Mint Blue Goddess: Strapless fitted gown with asymmetrical gathered detailing in silk zibeline, NIKOLAKI by Nick Verreos/David Paul
Below is my Interview from "Fearlessly Feminine Nick Verreos--On Making Women Want Top Work It" (love that title!)
From Project Runway to the red carpet, Nick Verreos has made a name for himself in the competitive fashion world by marking his territory with the stunning styles that make women feel fearlessly feminine. Showing the spring 2011 collection of his line Nikolaki at Orange County Style Week in October, Verreos took a few minutes to chat with 944 about making it in the industry and, as his former mentor, Project Runway’s Tim Gunn always says, making it work.
944: How would you describe your design philosophy or point of view?
Nick Verreos: It’s pretty simple. Just making women look and feel beautiful, and trying to bring out the inner goddess within them. I grew up with a group of women, and I just want them to feel ultra-feminine. I feel like I can give women that dress when they want to look like a princess or a diva.
944: When did the Nikolaki collection or concept begin?
NV: I worked for different companies as an assistant designer and pattern maker, and I paid my dues in the industry. I was still making dresses and gowns to fuel my creativity. I built up this closet full of dresses, and I would put on shows at a club here and there. In 2001, we got a showroom, and before I knew it, we were in 150 stores. My partner, David Paul, and I work great together. The name means “little Nick” in Greek, which is what my dad called me when I was young.
Click HERE for the entire article and to find out why I would LOVE to dress Spanish actress Penelope Cruz

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