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ROYAL COUTURE.....Wedding of Rafael Medina Duke of Feria Laura Vecino

Spanish Bridal DIVAS:
Cover Exclusivo: The Wedding of Rafael Medina and Laura Vecino, exclusive on iHOLA! Magazine
In October, a FABULOUS Wedding took place in Spain, which went pretty much unnoticed here in the US, since it involved Spanish nobility which no one, except Spain and Latin America, really care about. I didn't even know this wedding--and the "Red Carpet Fashion Show" that was part of it--had occurred until my mom mailed me a copy of ¡HOLA! Magazine (my mom LIVES by that magazine!) which then enlightened me on what I had missed... And GIRL, it was a lot:
El Couple Elegante: Rafael Medina, Duke of Feria and his new bride, Laura Vecina
The wedding was between the Model-Handsome Rafael Medina Duke of Feria and the beautiful Laura Vecino, an architect. This was dubbed "The Wedding of The Year" in Spain (they say that like FOUR times a year at every other semi-royal wedding there!) and of course, made the cover of that aforementioned iHOLA! Magazine my mommy sent me--and the 85+ page spread inside of it!!
That's a Train: View of the Giambattista Valli-designed wedding gown
In case you are "out of the loop" when it comes to Euro-Aristocracy, they are the "celebs" of Europe, where tabloids and magazines track their every move, rate all their fashions and yes, cover all their weddings, which the public--and my Mom--EAT up! The dirty little secret is that a lot of these European nobles survive on the money the tabloids give them for exclusives on their weddings, vacations, announcements, etc. It's like when People Magazine pays Carrie Underwood for the exclusive of her wedding...well, same here. So, needless to say, Rafael and Laura probably made a KILLING from iHOLA! Magazine and enjoyed their honeymoon in the Maldives very nicely.
What Did The Bride Wear: Laura wore a custom gown by Designer Giambattista Valli. It featured a fan-pleated silk chiffon strapless base that had a detachable Silk Brocade Ball Gown skirt with a HUGE tulle-and-organza petticoat which held the very heavy skirt up. For the "Wedding Reception", she removed the Ball Gown Skirt and partied in the fitted and very sexy fan-pleated gown that was underneath (see photos above).
Good Genes: Naty Abascal and her dashing two sons
Who Is The Groom: Rafael Medina is one of the two GORGEOUS sons of Naty Abascal, former Duchess of Feria. Abascal was a former model from the 1960's, who quickly became part of the Euro A-List Circle and a yearly fixture on the World's Best Dressed Lists and a Muse of Valentino. She even made a brief cameo in his documentary "Valentino: The Last Emperor".
Speaking of the Italian Couturier, he "came out of retirement" just for this one time to design Naty her Haute Couture Valentino sea-foam green silk crepe gown with Batteau neckline, 3/4 sleeves and waist-tie bow. Of course she finished it off with the traditional Spanish Peineta and Mantilla. Diva Fashion Points: Off The Chart!
And now to the "Red Carpet" Parade of Guests:
Of course, Fashion Designer Valentino Garavani was there, looking very dapper in a black tuxedo tailcoat, vest and tie ensemble--and his perpetual tan.
Spanish supermodel and TV hostess Nieves Alvarez wore Fall 2010 Chanel, without the fur Sasquatch boots, thank goodness.
Rosario Domecq, wife of Spanish Matador/bullfighter "El Juli", wore a red ruffled peplum dress from Lanvin by Albert Elbaz.
Former Miss Spain, model and TV presenter María José Suárez wore a very sexy chocolate brown silk charmeuse dress with gold-and-black belt from Spanish Fashion Designer Miguel Palacio. Carolina Herrera (the daughter), and wife of another Spanish Matador/bullfighter, Miguel Baez "El Litri" (her momma done taught her well, kids!) wore a navy blue ensemble designed by her Venezuelan-born mother, Carolina Herrera, of course. Her hat was from Philip Treacy for Reyes Hellin. Former wife of Cayetano Martínez de Irujo y Fitz-James Stuart, Count of Salvatierra and youngest son of the Duchess of Alba, Mexico-born Genoveva Casanova, wore a silver-gray very 50's style suit from Christian Dior by John Galliano, looking very Evita Peron.
Finally, the biggest applause from the crowd viewing the Rafael Medina and Laura Vecino Red Carpet Wedding Spectacle (yes, huney, there was an audience, just like the Oscars!) went to Spanish Society Doyenne, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, who just happens to be in the Guinness World Records for holding the most noble titles in the world! In other words, the King and Queen of Spain--as well as the Queen of England--basically have to bow down to her as opposed to the other way around. Her descendants, by the way, are the ones in the iconic Goya paintings. The 84-year old 18th Duchess of Alba wore a red jacket and multi-tiered skirt ensemble, matching red flats, a turquoise evening bag, and fishnets and attended with her much-younger boyfriend. Gotta love her!
Click HERE for video of the "Wedding Red Carpet" and the illustrious guests: (it's in Spanish, by the way)

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