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WHO WORE WHAT?.....17th Annual SAG Awards: Julie Bowen in Malandrino

Julie Bowen in Malandrino Resort 2011
I love a "Le Smoking"--the Tuxedo look created by the Genius Design Master Yves Saint Laurent. Here, Designer Catherine Malandrino evokes this black halter jumpsuit from her Malandrino Resort 2011 Collection and worn by "ABC's Modern Family" actress Julie Bowen. Julie has got some FIERCE, buffed, toned arms so it's not a surprise she would want to show them off. But to me, there's something missing: I feel the look is a bit "unfinished" and also, I'm not so sure I like those diamond pins in the neckline; they look forced as in "let's see how we can 'dress up' this black jumpsuit". I get what she was going for, but maybe she needed a great fitted black peak-lapel Tuxedo jacket to go with it. And put the diamond brooches on the lapel to finish it off. Would love to know what my readers think???

2 Responses to "WHO WORE WHAT?.....17th Annual SAG Awards: Julie Bowen in Malandrino "

Michelle said...

Love the jumpsuit, hate the jewels...would have looked better with sexy draped diamond necklaces and a pair or glittery heals...this look has been done before, I think it's dated. The hair is just ick

Anonymous said...

I think the diamond pins on her lapels are ok, they distract from her small. It takes a thin woman to pull this off. I am not sure it's dressy enough for this type of event.