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RUNWAY REPORT.....Milan, Paris Menswear Collections: Mugler, Louis Vuitton, Neil Barrett A/W 2011

Men: Get Ready To (Fashion) Rumble, Be a Euro Trust-Funder Twenty-something, and go Skiing with Scuba Pants!
Men In Mourning: Baggy trousers and veil, Mugler Fall/Winter 2011
Mugler Menswear Fall/Winter 2011
80's Redux: Pumpkin orange single-breasted suit, Mugler Fall/Winter 2011
Trends: Sinister looks, black suits, navy blue, neon orange (!) suits, single-breasted jackets with 80's Mugler shoulders but 2011 fit, baggy trousers, chiffon shawls (over the heads a la Greek Widow in Mourning), big CLUNKY shoes, combat boots.
Superhero Suit: Navy blue suit with leather and orange-accented gloves, Mugler Fall/Winter 2011
Themes: Post-Apocalyptic Superhero, S&M/Tattoo Artist from Berlin-mixed with Dapper 80's Ska Boys, DEVO 2011, Blade Runner for the 21st Century, Sacha Baron Cohen's "Bruno" Gets DARK and Moody, body-art, Skin-head Couture Designers: Nicola Formichetti--yes, Style Genius behind Lady Gaga's Looks--alongside Romain Krener
Soundtrack: Lady Gaga (of course!) Remix of "Born This Way"
Blade Runner 2025: Leather "Motorcycle/combat" pants and boots--Tattoos not included, Mugler Fall/Winter 2011 quote: "Their clothes mostly read as new—not old—Mugler. They borrowed certain signatures from the house's expansive vocabulary: the strong shoulders on the jackets, the shorn lapels, something of the originator's talent as a colorist. But they were quieter than Mugler's own brand of bombast, and less witty; they brought out the sinister side of suiting, the darker connotations of uniform" Mugler Menswear Fall/Winter 2011 Runway Video:
Lady Gaga Video to "Born This Way" Remix Featuring Rico:
Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall/Winter 2011
Mini Kimono: Shawl-collared wrap jacket, wool trousers and copper orange accessories, Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011
Trends: Black, blues, grays, a pop of orange (again!), Neon Red, Jacket-over-a-Jacket, wrapped and tied/knotted jackets, Shawl-collared sweaters/jackets, mini-Kimonos, leather hip/fanny packs.
It's Cold On The Runway: Double Jackets, trousers, leather gloves, heavy neck scarf, Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011
Themes: Designer Paul Helbers was inspired by the Amish and David Lynch, elegant but monochromatic, Euro Trust-Funder 20-something Dandy.
Making an Entrance: Bright Red double-breasted jacket, maroon pants, leather gloves and luxe "fanny/hip" pack, Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2011
Tim Blanks of summed it up like this: A Motel Red blouson unzipped to reveal a peek of quilted black leather (Lynch's motels concealed dark secrets, too). The footwear was schizophrenia in a shoe. And the final evening jacket in dusty black dévoré velvet looked well and truly worn in, almost Amish in its sobriety, bar the sprinkle of sequins that added a sparkle of sin. It was the last flicker of light in a suitably strange parade.
Click Below for Louis Vuitton Menswear Fall/winter 2011 Runway Video:
Neil Barrett Menswear Fall/Winter 2011:
Catwalking With the Sharks: Ivory skinny "Scuba Pants" with curved seaming, fitted sweater and CLUNKY shoes, Neil Barrett Fall/Winter 2011
Trends: Scuba Pants/Meggings (tight tight tight SKINNY pants), pegged baggy trousers, fitted sweaters, double-breasted, Winter White, black, Boxing Gloves, ombre effect, big CLUNKY 80s shoes, slicked side-parted hair.
Ombre Preacher Boy: Grey-black jacket, baggy pegged trousers, CLUNKY shoes, Neil Barrett Fall/Winter 2011
Themes: Scuba, Pasty and Undernourished, Austrian Boy Goes Skiing, double-breasted, pea coats, 3/4 coats, Preacher Boy Look.
Scuba Winter: Ivory double-breasted cropped coat, skinny "scuba" pants, "boxing" gloves, Neil Barrett Fall/Winter 2011
Click Below for Neil Barrett Menswear Fall/Winter 2011 Runway Video:

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