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NICK APPEARANCES.....Style Network's "Style Star": Cameron Diaz, Kristen Stewart

Never Fussy...Always Feminine: Cameron Diaz and Kristen Stewart
Nick Verreos on "Style Star" TV Show, Style Network
This past weekend, the new episode of Style Network's "Style Star" show--of which I am one of the Fashion Experts/Commentators-- premiered featuring two new A-List Style "subjects". The show--which celebrates the style-through-the-years of powerful, beautiful Hollywood It-Girls--will run through this entire season with each Saturday night debuting two new "Fashion Girls".
And who is giving their "two cents" on these lovely ladies? Well, I am but of course! (as well as many other fashion experts, editors and stylists). Last week , we discussed Angelina Jolie and Charlize Theron and for this week's episode, it was Cameron Diaz and Kristen Stewart!
Cameron Diaz, the epitome of the "California Golden Girl", she surfs, she is athletic, she's a Charlie's Angel, and she can also give you in the above Chanel Haute Couture bubblegum pink silk taffeta gown--styled by Rachel Zoe & Co--which she wore to the 2009 Golden Globe Awards.
And then, there's the sometimes "dark", rarely smiling, Goth-meets-bad girl/I-Hate-To-Pose-for-these-red Carpet-events "Twillight" Muse, Kristen Stewart. Rocker Girl one day, chic hipster fashionista, the next... If you haven't caught it yet, the show will run a couple more times: Friday January 21 at 1 AM as well as 8:30 AM--on The Style Network. Next Saturday night: We discuss Eva Mendes and Kim Kardashian! (I know: Shut The Front Fashion Door!)

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