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NICK APPEARANCES.....Style Network Project Runway Marathon "Style-a-Thon"

A Runway-a-Thon...on Style Network:
Couple Fabulous: Style Network's Jeannie Mai and Nick Verreos, on the set of the Project Runway Marathon Interstitials
Tomorrow, January 2nd starting at 8am until 10pm--Style Network will be doing a Project Runway Marathon--and specifically--the season I was in--"back in the day" (2005-2006, in case you were wondering!). They will air the entire season from "Road to Runway" all the way through to the "Reunion" (Oh Dear!) and Finale! I had the fabulous pleasure of being invited to share my thoughts and give some "Inside Fashion Dish" on my time as a contestant/designer on Project Runway with...
Jeannie Mai, Project Runway Style-a-Thon Interstitial filming, Style Network
The gorgeous Jeannie Mai--my Sister From Another Mother!--from a chic loft near Downtown LA, with AMAZING views! We chatted all things "Project Runway"--from the judges, to how much time we really have--to is there really a light switch under the pattern table. I had the BEST time with Miss Jeannie! I can talk to her FOREVER! (sorry producers and director!) Can't wait until we meet again... Behind The Scenes: I showed up all ready to go, or "Camera Ready" as people in the industry like to say--but with some "Outfit Options". As soon as I met with Jeannie and the producers, they were like "we love your let's make Jeannie match you". And HUUUNEY, she did! She had a full-on table (photo above) filled with the most FAB jewelry and accessories (Note to self: I want a drawer in my closet just like that table!)...
As well as a rack full of clothing options (above photo) for her (OK, I also want a rack like that!). This is par for the course for stylists and Wardrobe/Costume Designers; even though the "talent" might be filming only one scene, it is de rigueur to have many, many options.
Style Network's Jeannie Mai and Nick Verreos, Project Runway Style-a-Thon "Behind-the-Scenes" filming
Jeannie ended up wearing a directional--and stylish-- high-low black chiffon dress with a fitted attached bustier top and a thin gold belt. Oh, yes--I almost forgot--and some AMAZING black bootie black-and-gold pumps. Miss Jeannie Mai could wear anything and look good! Next time, I might slip her stylist one of my NIKOLAKI cocktail dresses for Miss Jeannie to wear...for sure!
Sitting pretty: Nick Verreos, on the set of Style Network's "Project Runway" Interstitials Filming
Don't miss the Project Runway Style-a-Thon and my Fun & Fab (and DISHY!) interstitials with my new girlfriend, Jeannie Mai...on the Style Network. *Click HERE for more info.

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Robbin said...

What a great set!!! High from The Bahamas Weekly!

Crystal said...

Love you,Nick! So glad to see you on Style!! You are forever my fave designer from Project Runway! :D