Monday, January 31, 2011
Align CenterI Just got back from shooting my TV Guide Network "Screen Actors Guild Awards Fashion Wrap" and it was a HOOT and a HALF!!!! So much fun! Wait until you see it--who knew commenting on the SAG Awards Red Carpet could be so much fun! Once again, along with host--and TV Guide's Fashion Guy--Lawrence Zarian, I joined the panel of experts including Hair Color Guru, Kim Vo, shoe expert Kara Birkenstock and Stylist-to-the-Stars, Miss Jen Rade!!!
We Discussed all the actresses below:
Color Crazy:
Red Hot:
And the Shimmering Stars:
Here's a Hint: We LOVED almost ALL of them... Tune in tonight to find out what we said and which actress some in our panel weren't so sure about.... Watch TONIGHT Monday Jan. 31st beginning with a "Preview" at 7pm and then again at 8pm and 9pm! So, if you missed one showing, you got no excuse!!! Click HERE for more details


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