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53rd Annual Grammy Awards: Adam Levine of Maroon 5

Adam Levine of Maroon 5: 53rd Annual Grammy Awards Red Carpet
Male Style Red Carpet Trend Alert: Drop Crotch Pants! Adam Levine is such a CUTIE!!!! One time, on a flight from NYC to LA, I sat very near him (we were in Business Class and Fergie was in First! Yes, it was a very "Hollywood" flight back!) and I could barely eat, drink or sleep because I was just swooning over how cute he is (do I sound like a 19 year old girl???). For the 2011 Grammy Awards, Adam decided to do the Drop Crotch pant look, cropped jacket and loose micro-thin t-shirt, and finished it off with high lace-up boots. Listen, on someone else, this would be a MESS. But on Adam, he looks cute, very Hipster-with-Money and like he should be at a Gallery Opening in Tribeca. It also helps that he's got a male model-thin body so he can get away with this. It's The Grammys after all. The traditional "Red Carpet Rules" do not apply here. Do we Like Adam in his drop crotch pants, high boots and cropped jacket? Or is it a miss?

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