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WHO WORE WHAT?.....2011 Vanity Fair Oscars Party: Madonna, Lynn Wyatt, Carolina Herrera

More Vanity Fair Fashion: The Divas, the Lace/See-Through No-No's, and Miss Rita Wilson, my New Fashion Best Girlfriend! Lets start with the Divas! Diva No. 1 Socialite Lynn Wyatt--One word: WOW! Class Epitomized. The creme white silk crepe column gown with long sleeves, the mint-green shawl, the clutch, the STATEMENT Necklace!!!! You know, when all the fashion insiders say "It's All About A Statement Necklace", Mrs. Wyatt SHOWS THEM huney what a REAL Statement necklace needs to look like!!! And here's a shocker of all shockers (not really): I bet you A LOT of money that she DOES NOT even have a STYLIST! It's all HER...They don't make Ladies like they use to. Diva No. 2 Carolina Herrera, wearing her own design naturally. White silk duchess one shoulder gown with side pockets and black bow accent. Simply Stunning! This Venezuelan-born Diva also can teach an actress or two how to really dress. It helps that A) She's a Designer, and B) She literally GREW up watching her mother have private fittings in Paris with Couturiers such as Cristobal Balenciaga and Christian Dior back in the 1950's. Finally, I especially love that she posed with her hand in the pocket. This is NOT the "First Time at the Red Carpet Rodeo" for Mrs. Herrera. Diva No. 3 Joan Collins: Joan Collins can do no wrong in my book! Is it a bit "kooky"? Yes, but does she still OWN it and WORK it? TOTALLY!!! She was On-Trend with the lilac color in the embroidered rosette details and the gown fits her well (great open neckline for her!). The perfect earrings and perfect clutch finish the look. She is OLD SCHOOL Hollywood and I love it! And Now to Some Lace/See Through No-No Divas: See Through No-No Number 1--Madonna: Now, I KNOW it was COLD last night! About 50 Degrees in fact. So why oh why would Madonna wear a see-through lace dress with the HIGHEST of slits over a corset and under-panty. And she throws a fur mini "chubby" as if that's going to help. I'm sure this was all Dolce & Gabbana, but I may be wrong (it sure looks it!). I know it's Madonna and she can basically can do whatever she wants. But why am I still perplexed by this? She does have THE BODY of Death, but...sometimes, covered up is actually SEXIER. See-Though No-No Number 2: Naomi Watts--What, in the name of the Fashion Gods, is this? Why is their a nude-colored piece in her stomach/upper chest? And are those off-white feathers in the back? I just don't even get it. See Though No-No Number Trois: Jessica Szhor in a Leather, see-though, sequined midriff, nude mini. Really? Those four things NEVER enter my Fashion Vocabulary TOGETHER!!! Do these women have full-length mirrors? Or have they forgotten to pay their electric bills so they can't see themselves before leaving the house? And if so, then WHO is lying to them? Seriously WHO??? THIS...Is How You Do Lace & Nude Ladies: Take Note (Ladies Above): Camila Alves got it right! Here she is with her sexy husband, Matthew McConaughey in this black lace over nude gown and looking elegant, sexy and GORGEOUS! I also love that she did an "outfit change" (of course she did) from her Academy Awards Red Carpet Kaufman Franco black ball gown (which I LOVED!!!). Printed Gals: Cameron Diaz: Love me some Cameron Diaz. Love. But not so much in this very mini Carolina Herrera Pre-Fall 2011 one-shoulder ruffled neckline cocktail dress. The original sample is actually knee-length and maybe it should have stayed that way. Or just made it about 2 inches longer. That's all it needed to be. With her mile-long legs, the mini...was, well, too mini unfortunately. Ladies Don't Try This Look At Home: Rita Wilson--The multi-printed satin dress, the feathered (!) purse, the necklace, the bracelet, the strappy heels, the heavy-banged Bouffant 'do: Oh Miss Rita! It's "Valley of The Dolls", the Vanity Fair Oscars Party Version. It's a mess, but here's a surprise: To me, it's a GOOD MESS. Why, you may ask? Anybody who attempts this outfit at a party MUST be a HOOT!!!! If I spotted a woman at a party (at the Open Bar, I am sure!) dressed like this, she would be the first person I would talk to! You just KNOW someone who has enough chutzpah to do this, must be fun!

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Anonymous said...

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Joy Kennelly said...

I agreed with you on all your assessments as usual. Thanks for sharing images of fashionable women we didn't see any where else.