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NIKOLAKI.....Katy Perry wearing NIKOLAKI:,

Katy Love...
I was so excited when THE ONE and ONLY Katy Perry wore our NIKOLAKI lilac sequined silk chiffon one-shoulder cocktail dress to her PURR Fragrance Launch in Mexico City this past weekend that well, it was 'icing on the cake" to see some sites give some "Nikolaki-Katy Perry" Shout Out's. First,, one of my FAVE sites has THIS, and also...
People Magazine's site did a fun "Three Dresses In One Day" Poll. Just so you are on the "up-and-up": Miss Katy actually wore THREE Dresses for the Launch (Outfit-change DIVA!). Below is the site's Headline:

Three Dresses, One Day: Which of Katy Perry's Purple Sparklers is Your Favorite?

If you want to vote (for our NIKOLAKI dress the one on the far left) then click HERE

Here's the lovely Miss Katy Kerry and the dress from our NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Look Book

1 Response to "NIKOLAKI.....Katy Perry wearing NIKOLAKI:,"

Anonymous said...

Not a really much of a Katy fan...but that's a really cute little dress and she looks great in it!