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RUNWAY REPORT.....NY Fashion Week: Carolina Herrera, Marc Jacobs Fall 2011

NY Fashion Week Highlights: Polka Dots, Lace and Ladies Who Do Late Lunches...
Polka Dot Mini Muse Couture: A look from Marc Jacobs Fall 2011
Carolina Herrera Fall 2011:
For her latest Fall 2011 Collection, Venezuelan-born, American Designer Carolina Herrera--a favorite of Barbara Walters, the Kennedy's, well-heeled old-money East Coast set and Renee Zellweger to boot--sent out what looked like "Real Ladies Clothes"; sellable, well-tailored, elegant clothes. No trickery. Clothes that one might actually see in her boutiques--as well as Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, etc. Colors ranged from gray, pumpkin orange to ocean blues. Lots of fur. And some iridescence for evening. Two standout details: The Funnel Neck covered-shoulder "Capelet" and...wait for it...SENSIBLE shoes! These Ladies Do Late Lunches sans their 5" Louboutin Platform Pumps! See for yourself:
Pumpkin Sheath: Carolina Herrera Fall 2011
Ready For A Luncheon: Carolina Herrera Fall 2011
Baby It's Cold: Carolina Herrera Fall 2011
Gala Old Money: Carolina Herrera Fall 2011
Watch Full Runway Show of Carolina Herrera Fall 2011 Below:
Marc Jacobs Fall 2011:
Polka Accessories: Marc Jacobs Fall 2011
Latex, Lace, Polka Dots and Boxy-Fitted: These are words to describe the prints, fabrications and silhouettes at Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Collection, debuted this week at New York Fashion Week. As always, with Marc Jacobs, there were LOTS of fun details and great individual pieces. For example: Love that blue-violet over-sized paillette skirt below and those Booties and trust me, we'll see plenty of Glam Girls pre-ordering that Polka Dot Bag as well!
Snow Woman Couture: Marc Jacobs Fall 2011
Bishop (Sleeves) and Lace: Marc Jacobs Fall 2011
Watch Full Runway Show of Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Below:

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