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NICK APPEARANCES.....Nick Verreos "Dresses For Success" at Colorado State University: Recap!

Tall Pine Trees, Colorado Fashionistas, A Ram Statue and a Buffalo Burger???
Layering in Colorado: Nick Verreos poses with his "Dress For Success" Poster, Colorado Sate University
A little over a week ago, I flew to Colorado for a quick one night Appearance at Colorado State University! CSU and the fabulous ASAP Special Events Department as well as the CSU Career Center invited me to give my special "Dress For Success" Lecture. I was excited to fly to Colorado being that I would get to wear some of my sweaters and coats that i rarely get to drag out of my closet in my LA home base.
Too Early For Some Xmas Decorations: Nick Verreos and a Colorado Pine Tree
So, you KNOW I packed my trench coat, scarves, my wool cardigan sweater and of course, my YSL "Johnny Boots". Immediately after being picked up by the lovely CSU ASAP "Nick Greeting Committee") at the Denver Airport, we drove to the Fort Collins-located Campus--after a one-and-a-half hour ride. As soon as we arrived, I spotted this very tall Pine Tree so you KNOW I had to take a photo! (we don't see these in LA...I was such a tourist!)
Le Ram: Ram Sculpture flanking the Colorado State University Morgan Library
I also got a lovely tour of the campus, including the beautiful book-shaped Morgan Library, the CSU Ram Sculpture and the Fashion Design and Merchandising Departments. Colorado State University has an extensive Fashion & Merchandising Program as part of their College of Applied Human Sciences .
I was able to see some of the Pattern and Sewing Lab Rooms, as well as even made "special unannounced" visits into a couple of the classes (sorry, Instructors!). Finally, it was time to do a quick outfit change in my hotel room and return for my "Dress For Success" Lecture.
Awaiting me was a packed conference room with students from the Apparel and Merchandising Majors, as well as other majors (there were several CSU students from other majors as well).
Nick The Lecturer: Nick Verreos lectures CSU attendees on how to "Dress For Success"
I did a fun and informative Power Point lecture on helping college students prepare--fashion wise--for the work force and particularly, the whole interviewing process and how to "Dress For Success".
CSU Pride: Nick Verreos poses with the ASAP Team, who organized my visit to Colorado State University
I then ended it with a quick "Wrap Up" of my time on Project Runway and also gave some DISH on being a Red Carpet Designer. From the "We Loved It!" and "Thanks for all that Info!" comments I heard afterward from all the students, I think it was a success!
CSU Red Carpet: Nick Verreos with three very fashionable Colorado State University students
I stayed around after my Lecture and took lots of photos and signed and drew some fashion illustrations on a lot of the students' notebooks!
A CSU student-and attendee of my "Dress For Success" Lecture-shows off her pegged pants, flat Booties, black cropped jacket & "Messenger" bag
I enjoyed seeing all the Colorado State University Fashionistas--both male and female--lots of Retro Vintage looks, drop-crotch pegged pants, and PUMPS (yes, no UGGS!!). The boys were working their looks as well, from "high-water" cropped skinny jeans, Tom's, plaid and some quilted puffy jackets for good measure (it's cold in Colorado!).
Buffalo Dripping: A "Colorado Burger", consisting of lean ground buffalo meat, sauteed mushrooms and cheese...side of onion rings, Hilton Fort Collins
After my Lecture, I retired to my Hilton Fort Collins hotel to have dinner and call it a night. Upon arrival, the Chef happened to be in the lobby and overheard me asking if the hotel had "late night dining" (it was 11PM). They did and he recommended--OK, FORCED me is more like it!--to get the "Colorado Burger". I said "sure...what's in it?". Buffalo Meat (sorry Vegetarians). I guess it's very "Colorado" and he added, it's leaner than regular beef and about as lean as a Chicken Breast. I was a Buffalo Meat "Virgin". But I'll try anything once. Well, just about anything. Needless to say: It was DELICIOUS!!!!
A reflection of the tensile fiberglass roof architecture of the Denver international Airport, reminiscent of the snow-capped Rocky Mountains
The next day I was off to the Denver International Airport and back on a flight to LA. Thanks Colorado and Colorado State University for having me. It was great fun! Now, students: Remember to Dress For Success!

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