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ICE STYLE.....U.S. Nationals 2011: Men and Figure Skating Blog

Oh Boy!
Le Men: (Left to Right) Richard Dornbush, Gold Medalist Ryan Bradley, Ross Miner and Jeremy Abbott, 2011 U.S. Figure Skating Championships
Last week, the 2011 U.S Figure Skating Championships occurred in Greensboro, North Carolina and I talked about the Ladies, Pairs and Ice Dance Costumes HERE--but I didn't want to leave the Men behind...So now, here goes MY MEN...well, my "Nick V. Figure Skating Costumes Two Cents" on what the top competing men wore. Let's begin with two-time U.S. National Champion Jeremy Abbott:
Jeremy Abbott: Short Program
For his Short Program, Jeremy Abbott skated to "Viejos Aires"--a Tango. I like seeing the non-vest-and-pin-striped-trouser Jeremy so it's "refreshing" when he does this "costumey" short program. There's a little "Victor/Victoria"--or is it "Victor/Victor" element to it with the half vest/half jacket look but, it works. I also love that he really embraces the entire ensemble--from head to toe--and even slicks his hair in an intense manner, to match the intensity of the sequined black and white costume as well as the powerful Tango program.
Jeremy Abbott: Long Program
For his Long Program, he skates to "Life Is Beautiful" and yes, it's a little yawn-inducing but I like the subtle sequins in the plaid vest and I have to concur that for that music, the costume works. I guess the Fashion Designer in me would love to see...well, a little more but I understand what he was going for.
Richard Dornbush: 2011 US National Silver Medalist
Richard skated to "Sherlock Holmes" and his costume reflected this: The ubiquitous vest (this is really THE staple go-to piece for Male Figure Skaters!). I liked the tie, and the contrasting patterns. He's young and anything more flashy would not be right. Thank Goodness, the sleeves were fitted and modern as opposed to some big ol' Leg-o'Mutton Blouson Sleeves he could have gone with. He had a PHENOMENAL night, so really everything else is just secondary!
Ross Miner: 2011 US National Bronze Medalist
Ross skated (beautifully I might add--one of my favorites!) to "Casablanca" and honestly this was a definite yawn of a costume. I don't want him to look like a Moroccan Souk Rug Salesman, but I also don't like him looking like part of the Catering team at someone's Bar Mitzvah! Although he did accent the crisp white shirt with some fabulous cuff links, I really want him to spice it up next time (costume wise)...just a little bit!
Keegan Messing: Long Program
OK, now here's someone who tried to "spice it up", but it didn't work. Poor Keegan. He skated to "The Hulk" but his costume was more Cirque Du Soleil...on a budget! It failed on all levels. It looks as if he went to "Hollywood Toys and Costume" on Hollywood Blvd. and bought a costume in a bag. And then decided to wear the U.S. Nationals! The top did not go with the pants and that brown (?) belt with the silver diamante buckle further dumbfounded me. But now...
Ryan Bradley: 2011 US Nationals Gold Medalist
Ryan won the Gold and became the "Comeback Kid" of the 2011 U.S. Nationals! I absolutely ADORE him! He is my new secret crush! (well, not so secret now). He could wear a Garbage Bag as a costume and I would be like "You Go Ryan!". For his Long Program, he skated to an "Amadeus/Mozart Medley" wearing a ruffled neckline blouse, fitted jacket/brocade vest and very fitted pants. It was "Amadeus: The Hot Calendar Guy" version! I, personally, would have taken this look even further and been even more playful giving him a real foppish quality to his costume, but like I said, he can do no wrong in my book!
Ryan Bradley: Short Program
Now, speaking of HOT: Ryan Bradley in his "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" ensemble, which he wore when he brought the house down skating to his Short Program. This was my FAVORITE costume for ALL the men skaters! Now THIS is how you do ARMY. If this is what the Recruits/ROTC would have dressed like in high school...huney, then I might have skipped UCLA and my Fashion Design studies and signed up!
Boogie Woogie Ryan
Ryan gets my "At-a-Boy Nick Verreos Figure Skating Costume Fashion Gold Medal" of the 2011 U.S. Nationals for this fabulous sexy yet still somewhat traditional, but still "campy" (in it's own very TIGHT stretch woven fabric sort of way). I'm sure lots of girls in the audience wanted to put on a 40's snood, a fitted jacket and A-line skirt and do the Boogie Woogie with him after they saw this! Thank you Ryan for "bringing it"--in your wonderful skating, as well as in your costumes! For My Complete "Fashion Review" of the US Figure Skating Nationals: Go to Universal Sports and "Go Figure" Blog and Photo Slide Show of my "Figure Skating Fashion Two Cents", Click HERE and HERE!

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