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NICK APPEARANCES.....Style Network's "Style Star": Lady Gaga and Madonna

Two Musical Style DIVAS!
Who's Fiercer: Lady Gaga or Madonna? Tune in TONIGHT, 9PM Style Network
Tonight on Style Network's "Style Star", we are sprinkling our "Style Glitter" on two of the BIGGEST STARS in the World: Lady Gaga and Madonna! Just in time for Grammy Awards weekend (Yes, kids, it's tomorrow night!).
"Style Star" is the show in which I am happy to give my weekly "Nick Two Cents" on the Top Hollywood Ladies of Style--along with other fashion experts. Tonight's episode was especially fun because I just D.I.E. for Miss Lady Gaga and Miss Madonna.
Nick Verreos on Style Network's "Style Star" show
Ever since I saw Madonna do "Like A Virgin" in that wedding dress at the MTV Awards back in the day (yes, I was all but a little child...NOT!), I just about followed her every fashion move. And of course, we'll talk about that iconic Jean Paul Gaultier "cone-bra bustier" from her 1990 Blond Ambition Tour... As well as that Louis Vuitton puffy dress, thigh-high boots ensemble she wore to the Met Ball 2009--curled-up "Rabbit Ear" hat and all... And Lady Gaga: Well darlings, we could spend an ENTIRE DAY discussing her Fashion Hits and Misses, including the Armani Prive Custom "Out of Space" gown she wore to last year's Grammys and naturally THAT meat dress... Tune in TONIGHT 9PM to the Style Network and "Style Star". And in case you miss it: The Lady Gaga-Madonna Episode will also air throughout the weekend and week including... Sunday Feb 13, 12 AM, 12:30PM, 10:30PM Monday Feb 14, 1:30AM Check HERE for listings.

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