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NIKOLAKI.....NIKOLAKI Fashion Presentation, Alteza Penthouse San Antonio

A Winter Storm Cannot Stop Couture!!!!

San Antonio Red Carpet: Nick Verreos, "Party In Fashion" NIKOLAKI Fashion Event San Antonio Texas
Last Weekend was a bit crazy, let me tell you: Months ago, I was invited to show my NIKOLAKI Collection--along with my Co-Designer--and Better Half--David Paul, for a very special "Party In Fashion" Event at the Penthouse of the...
Alteza Luxury Residences above the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Downtown San Antonio Texas. Everything--from the flights to our stay, to the choosing of the gowns and models--was planned weeks in advance. I was extra excited because my parents, sister and my niece and nephew reside in San Antonio so it was also a chance to see them. But then, a sudden and unexpected "Winter Storm" hit Texas and the South: Lovely.

River Walk Nick: Nick Verreos layers up--fashion wise--for the unusual 25 Degree San Antonio weather

Needless to say, our NIKOLAKI Fashion Event was scheduled for Friday and we were to leave on Thursday. Well, No Can Do: Our initial flight was canceled and so was the one the airline rescheduled us on. Uh Oh, I thought, we might not have NIKOLAKI, Nick Verreos or David Paul in San Antonio after all. Suddenly, there was an available flight ON THE MORNING of our fashion show--Friday--leaving at 6am getting us into San Antonio at 2pm. We got on it and we made it!

We arrived, were picked up and quickly drove by The Alamo (above). I've been to San Antonio EVERY Christmas for the last like 5 years and I've never even seen it.

Colorful Rack: The Gowns--and Model Cards--for "Party In Fashion" NIKOLAKI Fashion Event San Antonio Texas
We then went straight to the Alteza Penthouse location, and spent the next 5 hours meeting our models, doing fittings and steaming our NIKOLAKI gowns and dresses. We quickly did an outfit change at our Hyatt Regency San Antonio Hotel Suite (which was INCREDIBLE and oh-so-roomy, by the way!) and were greeted by:

This wonderful "Welcome to the Hyatt Regency San Antonio" cheese, cracker and grapes platter plus some red wine. And yes, after the flight-cancellations-I'll-Never-Make-It-To-San Antonio-and-five-hours-of-fittings-and-steaming DRAMA, I needed it--the cheese and crackers that is :) We got dressed and were off to the Alteza for our Fashion Show/Event.

Immediately upon arriving, I was happy to see my Mom and Dad, Raquel and Jim Verreos (above with David and I) who were excited to see us. Love them!

Ready...Set...Go: Models in NIKOLAKI Collection, ready to take their podiums, "Party In Fashion" Alteza Penthouse San Antonio Texas

Our stunning Webber Productions Agency models were ready and in their gowns and dresses. They looked GORGEOUS after having their Make-Up done by Blissful Makeup and the amazing Jennifer Hernandez and Michael Gill, as well as as their hair chignon-ed and UBER-styled by Marguerite Najera from Toni & Guy San Antonio.

Season 5 Gorgeous: Project Runway Season 5 Model Elena Abete, in NIKOLAKI turquoise silk charmeuse bias-cut gown, "Party In Fashion" Alteza Penthouse San Antonio

Also, coincidental Side Note: A couple of the Models were former Project Runway Models!!! (I know, I was shrieking with excitement!), including Amanda Alter (Project Runway Season 4) and Elena Abete (Project Runway Season 5). As guests arrived, they got to see COUTURE darlings: Models were on podiums , throughout the 2-story Alteza Penthouse. Instead of a traditional Runway Fashion Show, Here are some photos from the NIKOLAKI "statue" Goddesses:

Black Mermaid: Model in NIKOLAKI black silk taffeta mermaid-shaped gown with jeweled crystal and feather trim

21st Century Old Hollywood Glamour: Model in NIKOLAKI one-shoulder bias-cut sequined gown with mint silk zibeline corset

Statuesque Color: Models in NIKOLAKI gowns, Alteza Penthouse Fashion Event: (L)Canary yellow silk charmeuse gown with front cascade drape and open sides;(R)One-shoulder strapped mint silk ziberline column gown with back cascade folds

Clash of The (Turquoise) Titans: Model in NIKOLAKI turquoise silk jersey one-shoulder strapped cowl-draped gown with copper sequined waist

My San Antonio Twinky: Nick Verreos and Gerry in all his mini-me size 34 chest-cropped-jacket-and-super-skinny-jean-glory

Penthouse Fashionistas: NIKOLAKI Designers David Paul and Nick Verreos pose with guests, Alteza Penthouse "Party In Fashion" Event, San Antonio Texas

Girls Of The Night (besides the models!): NIKOLAKI Designers Nick Verreos and David Paul with IADT San Antonio Stitch Fashion Club students--our backstage assistants!

This trio of ladies above were INVALUABLE! They all came from the IADT San Antonio Stitch Fashion Club and were here solely to help David and I steam 25+ gowns, arrange the shoes, accessories, dress the models and then at midnight, pack everything right back! While everyone was enjoying the gorgeous view from the Penthouse, the cocktails and delicious hors d'oeuvres, these girls were WORKING their you-know-what off!!! If we had a San Antonio NIKOLAKI Boutique, we would hire them in a hot minute!

Tower of the Americas: As seen from the Alteza Penthouse Balcony--look at that San Antonio Sunset in the background!
With that, we bid "Adios" and Goodbye to our eventful--yet quick--whirlwind of a trip we had to San Antonio Texas, showing our NIKOLAKI gowns and cocktail dresses at a most successful First Annual "Party In Fashion" event at the Alteza Luxury Penthouse! Thanks San Antonio , Tony Harris Productions and Alteza for the great models, outstanding make-up and hair team, the fun guests, THAT view, and the very warm reception! No Winter Storm can stop the San Antonio Fashionistas from coming out!

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