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NICK APPEARANCES.....TV Guide Network's Academy Awards Countdown To The Red Carpet

My First the Oscars!!!
Dapper Threesome: Supermodel Paulina Porizkova, TV Guide host/anchor Marc Istook, and Fashion Designer Nick Verreos, covering 2011 Academy Awards Red Carpet
Last Sunday, as you all well know, was the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. And TV Guide Network asked me to be part of their 2011 Academy Awards Red Carpet Show and cover the red carpet fashions along with TV Guide host (and cutie!) Marc Istook and Supermodel Paulina Porizkova! Well, as you can imagine, when I got the call, I just about went into MAJAH screaming convulsions!!! I was thrilled. Host Chris Harrison, Hair DIVA Tabatha Coffey and TV Guide red carpet host Maria Sansone would also round out the Academy Awards Live Red Carpet team. Up until now, I had commented on awards show red carpet fashions afterward on the TV Guide Fashion Wrap Shows and/or actually covered the award shows (Daytime Emmys, Primetime Emmys) from below on the red carpet (along with 200 other pushing interviewers from places like Slovakian TV!!) but NEVER from THE Oscars and from the coveted "Atop the Kodak Theater Red Carpet" bridge.
2011 Oscars Hollywood & Highland
The week leading up to last Sunday was a blur of crazy activities for me: I met my co-stars, Tabatha, Mark, Maria and Paulina Porizkova of course. I was a bit nervous to meet her since well, I'm "just a fashion designer" and she's A SUPERMODEL!!! But, of course, she was SOOO lovely: The first thing she said to me was "I absolutely love you, loved you on the show (Project Runway) and I know all about you!". Well, DONE and DONE, as they say; she had me at "Hello!". We had Read-Through Meetings as well as an actual Rehearsal the day before, right at the Kodak Theater atop the Red Carpet.
Make It Work: Tim Gunn and Nick Verreos, outside the Kodak Theater, Oscars Rehearsals
That day, while walking to my "TV Guide Bridge" position, I ran into my good ol' friend, Mr. Tim Gunn!!! He was also rehearsing for his ABC Live Oscars Pre-Show Hosting Duties. Looking dapper as always) in a blue plaid suit and multi-colored tie. Love him! I then finally made it up to the Bridge and met up with Mark Istook (above) and began rehearsals for my "Oscars Red Carpet Coverage". The day before the Oscars was rainy and VERY COLD, so the tarps were up covering the red carpet. We were a bit concerned about not being able to see the stars 30 feet below us as they walked down the Red Carpet the following day. We hoped and prayed that the next day would be a beautiful NO-TARP day and as it turned out: It was!
Bridge Reporting: Nick Verreos on the TV Guide Network Oscars "Bridge" position during Saturday Rehearsals.
The Day of The Oscars!!!
Oscar Bleachers: View of the crowd in position to begin their Star Sightings, Academy awards Red Carpet
The Day was finally here and I put on my Marc Jacobs Collection tuxedo (that I bought thank you very much!), my Zegna tuxedo shirt and black-silver-and-white bow tie (perfectly tied by my TV Guide Wardrobe boy, Jesse Jacobs-Love you!!). My NIKOLAKI partner David Paul, let me borrowed his beautiful vintage gold-and-pearl shirt studs and cuff links his Grandfather gave to him, to finish off my "Oscar Look".
Dashing Penguins: Marc Istook and Nick Verreos, atop the 2011 Academy Awards Red Carpet
My "TV Guide Red Carpet Bridge" partners Marc and Paulina also looked very elegant and Oscar night worthy: Mark in a white-tie tuxedo and Paulina in her own Dolce & Gabbana gold off-the-shoulder stretch satin gown that her hubby Ric Ocasek got for her (how cute!). Tabatha and Maria, unfortunately were not with us but having a "ball" atop the TV Guide Network building at a rooftop party overlooking the Hollywood sign.
Designing Duo: Nick Verreos and Rachel Roy, 2011 Academy Awards
I was so excited to see that next to our TV Guide Network position was STUNNING Fashion designer Rachel Roy, who was covering for another network. Rachel could not have been sweeter! She, in fact kept teasing me, saying "Nick! Tell me what they're wearing PLEASE!!!!"And next to her was "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" Camille Grammer doing her thang for CNN's "Showbiz Tonight"--go figure! Rachel Roy as a fashion insider/expert I can understand, Camille...well, that's a whole other matter.
View From Above: The 2011 Academy Awards Red Carpet
The LIVE show went on without a hitch and seriously, I was PINCHING myself the entire time! I still could not believe that I was there, at the Academy Awards, covering the red carpet fashions! I realize that there are more important things in the world (Hello, Libya!) but still, this was an incredibly exciting and humbling moment for me!
Having An Oscars Moment: Nick Verreos near the Academy Awards Red Carpet
Thank You TV Guide for recognizing a real Fashion Designer and Instructor of Fashion can give educated-yet entertaining--fashion commentary on TV and for the BIGGEST Red Carpet Night of the Year! Click Below to watch ENTIRE "TV Guide Academy Awards Red Carpet with Chris Harrison" Show featuring Mark Istook, Paulina Porizkova, and ME!!!! (from the Kodak Theater Balcony):

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