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NIKOLAKI.....Us Weekly Who Wore It Best?: Cheryl Burke or Marley Shelton in NIKOLAKI

Seeing NIKOLAKI Double...
Raspberry Madness: Cheryl Burke of Dancing With The Stars" and "Scream 4" actress Marley Shelton, in NIKOLAKI--Us Weekly
Well, it was bound to happen: A NIKOLAKI "Who Wore It Best?" Moment! yes, in the latest edition of Us Weekly Magazine's May 2 issue, one of my designs was featured in their famous "Who Wore It Best?" page. It seems that one of our Spring 2011 NIKOLAKI creations is very popular, as of late, on the red carpet.
UsWeekly Cover, May 2, 2011 Edition
ABC's "Dancing With The Stars" Cheryl Burke and "Scream 4" actress Marley Shelton both wore the same raspberry silk ziberline strapless draped bust cocktail dress, not at the same event--Gracias a Dios! Burke wore it to a Rolling Stone Magazine Awards red carpet event, while Shelton walked the "Scream 4" Premiere last week in the dress. So, Who Wore It Best? Well, according to Us Weekly was Miss Marley! She received 73% of the vote. As one of the designers, I think they BOTH wore it well! If you are already on Facebook, follow--and become a "fan" of--NIKOLAKI Collection by clicking HERE

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