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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Met Gala 2011 Red Carpet: Daphne Guinness, Christina Ricci, Beyonce

Fashionista Prom: The Met Gala Red Carpet...Avant Garde or Avant Gauche?? The Fashion World is known for taking itself (sometimes) way too seriously and I for one, have been a victim of this. And this was no where more apparent than last night's Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute Gala. This is the Red Carpet where EVERYONE tries to "bring it" in terms of FASHION! Some did it right and some well...see for yourself. Here's my Portfolio of who got "Avant Garde" Points (positive) and who got "Avant Gauche" ones (not so good!). Let's start with Miss Daphne Guinness, heiress to Guinness Beer: Daphne Guinness in Alexander McQueen: Now this is how you get it right! When you are honoring someone like Alexander McQueen and your date is Hamish Bowles, what else can you do but wear a feathered Gown! Avante Garde! Serena Williams: And this is how you do a feathered gown wrong! I know she must have been inspired by the Royal Wedding when she chose that hat, but she looks like she is going to an Easter Service at a Southern Baptist Church rather than a party honoring a Couture King! Avant Gauche! Christina Ricci in Zac Posen: This Gown which looks like it was knit from spiderwebs is just the type of gown you would expect from Christina and her edgy/dark personality. For someone who is probably about 5 feet tall, she looks statuesque and commanding...if only she could have done something more with her hair. Avant Garde! Beyonce in Emilio Pucci: Miss Beyonce. Miss Beyonce. I give it to you in terms of the "overall gown". Beyonce has never met a Mermaid Shape she didn't like. This is no exception.'s the "peek-a-boo" lace "boobie things" (sorry for the un-Fashion Terminology) that are questionable. They look like "after-thought tattoos" or something of that matter. Unfortunately, because of this, I have to rate her an "Avant Gauche". Margherita Missoni in Missoni: I love Missoni and I am a big fan of how the House of Missoni has taken their trademark weaving technique and really kept it alive with fresh and modern RTW Collections, but this dress missed the mark...and wait....are those pieces of her dress she has left trailing on the floor?? Messsss...Avant Gauche! Iman in Stella McCartney: Admit tacky as a gold sequin, bell-bottomed jumpsuit sounds on paper, Iman is workin' it! And let's not forget, this woman is 55 years old!! Let me say it right here and now: Iman has a CURRICULUM VITAE to wear this! And NO ONE ELSE does! Except maybe Bianca Jagger. Therefore, she gets an Avant Garde! from me. Rihanna in Stella McCartney: Raggedy Ann-Meets-Pippi Longstocking-Meets Morticia. Enough Said. Lace over nude is all the rage this season, but it is something about the combination of the lace with the single sleeve and side train (?)! along with that crazy hair that makes the entire look all wrong. Avant Gauche. For sure. (sorry Miss Rihanna, still love you!) Shalom Harlow in Marchesa: I'm on the "Fashion Fence" on this one. Love the gown, Hate the clip-on detail in her hair. I'll leave this one up to you guys: Avant Garde or Avant Gauche? What Do You Guys Think? Anne Dello Russo in Alexander McQueen: Italy-born Editor at Large and Creative Consultant for Vogue Japan Anna Dello Russo wore an EGG on her HEAD!!! Hello??? Avant Garde. Period. No More Questions. She's just happy someone flew her First Class from Tokyo to NYC (a $15,000 flight thank you very much!) and she got to pack this. Just sayin'.

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