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FIDM.....FIDM San Diego's Open House 2011

Hello Sunshine!
Gather Around Kids! Nick Verreos--and Open House visitors at FIDM San Diego Open House (Photo-slide of my Gowns at the bottom left)
Last weekend, I drove from my pied-de-terre in Los Angeles down south--to the gorgeous city of San Diego (about a three hour drive--with, yes, traffic). As part of my duties as the Spokesperson for Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM--and as an Instructor of the College and Alumn, I make "Special Appearances" at various Campuses during the year. It's always great to go to the San Diego Campus. I've visited before, of course, (David Paul, my NIKOLAKI partner-in-design FABULOUSNESS is from there!) and always have a nice time seeing all the wonderful FIDM San Diego staff. The campus is located in Downtown San Diego, a stone's throw away from the glorious Petco Park. In fact, on one of the campuses "sundecks" , they have a "First Class" view of the park!
Petco Park Diva: Nick Verreos, FIDM San Diego Campus, with Petco Park behind him
This particular Saturday was "Open House" day at FIDM San Diego, when people (from high school to post-grad) interested in studies within the Fashion, Interior Design, Visual Arts and Entertainment Industries fields, can come and visit the campuses and find out more about the school and all it has to offer, as well as meet current students, faculty, alumni, and get information on all the various majors and departments. During the Open House, there are several classrooms set up to highlight some of the majors and departments including the Visual Communications "room", set up with a lot of projects from past and current students. I loved this Anna Sui Presentation above. My "Special Appearance" involved mini-Lectures and a Meet-and-Greet--three during the three-hour time span I was there (one every hour naturally). Even though I knew it would be a gorgeous 80 degrees in San Diego, I decided to still "dress up" and wear my white Zara jacket, Hermes silk tie and boots. I did notice every other person I spotted as I made my way into Downtown San Diego was in shorts and flip flops!. No problem: I was GIVING them FASHION!!!
Boot Posing: Nick Verreos and an FIDM San Diego Open House visitor
This was the first time I had done an Open House in San Diego "muti-lecture" style, and it worked out so well!!! It was like a Universal Studios Tour, only it was me and the FIDM San Diego Campus. I spoke on how I "got to where I am", Project Runway and my time at FIDM as a student and how to maximize all the AMAZING knowledge a student can acquire from attending FIDM.
Dressed Up San Diego: Nick Verreos, FIDM San Diego Open House 2011
I think everyone who attended all three of my Lectures really enjoyed it--the kids and the parents too (I "heart" the parents!). All in all, I had a fun time at the campus and at the end, was sad to leave San Diego--especially since it was 80 Degrees and ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!! There's something different about 80 degrees in San Diego and 80 Degrees in Los Angeles (where I reside).
FIDM Say Cheese: Nick Verreos and FIDM San Diego Open House 2011 visitors
Bye FIDM San Diego--for now--and please keep having the GORGEOUS shorts-and-flip-flop weather--even if I will probably still be the only man in a white jacket, Hermes tie and boots in the lovely city :)

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michellefowler2010 said...

Hello there!
I'm so happy to see my Anna Sui presentation featured, it is such an honor! Open house was a blast, thanks Nick.

- Michelle Fowler

dard said...

thanks to nick, he is truly great.. it is such an honor to meet you nick..
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