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FIDM.....Prom Season 2011: Nick Verreos In-Store Appearance, FIDM Scholarship Store

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Good Morning Prom Girls: Nick Verreos poses in front of the FIDM Scholarship Store, Downtown LA 9th & Grand
Tuesdays are usually my Teaching Days and last Tuesday was no exception at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising. However, I also had an extra job to do that morning prior to my classes: I was scheduled to make a "Special Appearance" at the school's FIDM Scholarship Store. The FIDM Scholarship Store is THE shopping destination for Bargain Shopping Fashionistas--As the sign above says: "75% of our store is BELOW $10". MAJAH deals kids! Designers and Manufacturers donate clothing, jewelry, fabric. In fact, I recently donated many many yards of fabric from my NIKOLAKI design company--and all purchases go straight to FIDM Scholarships for the students.
FIDM Scholarship Store: Gowns, gowns and more gowns
And for Prom Season, it's the perfect place for all the lovely "Prom Princesses"--and their Mommies--to shop at. They have an entire section of "Prom" dresses as well as Wedding gowns, cocktail name it, it's there (see above photo).
NBC-LA Boys: "Today In LA: Weekend" anchor Ted Chen and Nick Verreos
I did a LIVE TV "Prom Fashion" segment" the Sunday before on KNBC-LA "Today In LA: Weekend" news show with anchor Ted Chen showing under $40 designer prom styles from the FIDM Scholarship Store--all styled and hand-picked by moi--and announced that I would make a special appearance at the store.
Prom Poppa: Nick Verreos with models Martha (left) and Kaela(right), FIDM Scholarship Store
For my special Prom Appearance, I brought along two lovely models, Kaela and Martha from L.A. Models Agency--who also appeared on the TV segment--to show various Prom Dress Styles. They modeled FAB and SASSY styles from short party dresses...
Kaela and Martha, Prom Princesses, wearing styles from the FIDM Scholarship Store
As well as long "Hollywood Red Carpet" gowns and "Glamour" separates--for the Prom Girl who well, wants options other than the typical "Prom Dress".
Where's Nick: Nick Verreos pops his head with a group of visitors from Tennessee, FIDM Scholarship Store
During my visit, I had the wonderful opportunity of meeting a group of students--and their teacher--who came all the way from Tennessee to take a tour of the FIDM Campus--and just happened to come to the FIDM Scholarship Store at the right time...when I was there!!!! they were all soooo CUTE and a bonus: They were all "Project Runway" fans and fans of yours truly (I love that of course!).
Happy Shoppers: Mommie and daughter, FIDM Scholarship Store
Also, while I was there, a lovely Mommie and her statuesque and beautiful daughter came by (her mom had watched my NBC-TV Segment on Sunday and stopped by as a result!) Long story short: The daughter loved one of the gowns we showed on TV, tried it on and it fit PERFECTLY, and well, she BOUGHT IT! It was a baby blue and white strapless satin Designer "Princess Gown" that retailed for about $250 and was at the FIDM Scholarship Store for under $30! Prom Princess Fashionista Happy Customer! As I always say "Done and Done". The Prom Fashion Version. **BONUS: Also...Don't forget to Check out my "Nick Verreos Prom Advice" on FIDM's Daily Blog. I've written about many different subjects like: *What to wear for the prom? *What's In Style? *Guys: What Should You Wear? *Prom Couture on a Budget And much more... The latest: Tips On How To Take a Good Prom Photo! Click HERE!!!!

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