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WHO WORE WHAT?.....Lady Gaga wears "Vintage" Atelier Versace

Lady Gaga goes "gaga" over Versace!!
Lady Gaga wearing Custom Atelier Versace performing at the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards
Lady Gaga is having a serious Versace Moment. In fact, she declared in a recent interview that she will only be wearing Versace for the next 2 months (Do I smell an Advertising Contract in her future?!). But...not only is she wearing Versace, but she is mainly wearing Vintage Gianni Versace (after his death in 1997 the House began to use only the name Versace). And for me, that is absolutely GENIUS! I have always been a huge fan of Versace and when I was studying Fashion at FIDM, Gianni Versace was my idol. Ironically, Lady Gaga has been wearing outfits mainly from the Fall/Winter and Spring 1991 Atelier Versace Collections and this is just a few seasons before I started creating my "Versace Archives" of magazines and books, so sadly I didn't have as many direct references as I thought. But, below are some of the outfits she has been wearing and a look back at a few of the original pieces. Lady Gaga wore this Pop Art inspired ensemble to receive her MuchMusic Award. It is from the Gianni Versace Fall/Winter 1991 Collection, and although that is not the actual top seen on the right on the fab Linda Evangelista, it is similar. For her appearance on the French TV Show Taratatà, Lady Gaga wore a Silk Printed blouse from the Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 1992 Collection. I love that in my Vintage Catalog, I came across an image of former Supermodel and now First Lady of France Carla Bruni-Sarkozy wearing a very similar version! Above Gaga collects yet another MuchMusic Award wearing this Vintage Gianni Versace Gown. The Silk Crepe Gown with Buckle Detailing is a beautiful dress and classic Gianni, but it just doesn't work on Gaga. It reminds me of the iconic Elizabeth Hurley dress and that moment is really hard to live up to! In Lady Gaga's new and VERY 80's inspired music video for her song "Edge of Glory" she is, once again, wearing Versace. I am not sure if it is vintage or Custom Atelier Versace (similar to the performance outfit above at the MuchMusic Video Awards), but either way she looks AMAZING! It is definitely similar to this look.... from the Spring/Summer 1992 Atelier Versace Collection. The photo above is of my absolute FAVORITE Supermodel, Yasmeen Ghauri. And by the way...what ever happened to her? Hello, Yasmeen! If your listening, we need you back! Now that Linda Evangelista and Christy Turlington have made a return, it is your time!! And finally... Here is Lady Gaga making her arrival at the 2011 MuchMusic Video Awards. I Absolutely LOVE this photo and this outfit. It is the perfect blend of Gaga and Vintage Versace! Bravo to Lady Gaga and the House of Versace...keep it up! We want MORE and how about an "Animal Print Moment". May I suggest looking at the Spring/Summer 1992 Collection below!:

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NOLAGirl said...

Nick, how I love a trip back through fashion. You're amazing, thank you for reminding us of Versace in all his glory. Can't wait to see your clothes walking in Paris. ;) XOXOXO