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FIDM.....Nick Verreos Judges Fashion Club's Prom Advice Scholarship Competition

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Decisions Decisions: Nick Verreos Judging the Prom Advice 2011 Scholarship Competition
Yesterday, I had the honor of judging the FIDM Prom Advice 2011 Scholarship Competition as part of my duties for the FAB site this year--which also included blogging on Prom Dresses, What Not To Wear, and How to Take a Good Prom Photo, as well even admitting what Prom Outfit Mistakes I made, back in the day... I was also enlisted as the "Celebrity Judge" to chose the winner of the Scholarship Competition. High School Students from all over the country submitted their entries for two separate contests: The First, more geared for students wanting to go into Fashion Design, were assigned to Sketch a Prom Fashion Line of your own creation--three sketches, including fabric swatches plus a "Theme Board" for Inspiration.
The decor at the Fashion Club's headquarters, FIDM
And the Second, more for students wanting to go into the Merchandising or even Visual Display Majors, were tasked with designing an Imaginary Prom Attire Boutique, again using Mood Boards, showing layout of the store, special "Giveaways", maybe how the website for the store would look, and so on. The winners of each would get a Full Year Scholarship to attend the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising/FIDM--my Alma Mater and the school which I am the Spokesperson for.
Fashion Club's Wall of Prom Fashion Goodies, Fashion Club Headquarters FIDM
I took my job as Celebrity Judge very seriously since I knew that the future of TWO students' lives---or the next year of the life--was at stake. I arrived ready to take a look at all the entries, all the boards, all the sketches and finally narrowed them down to my Top Faves.
Board Central: Take a look at some of the boards from entries received for the 2011 Fashion Club's PromAdvice Scholarship Competition
Then, after about an hour of deliberation--and some support from my two girls at the office, I did it! I chose the winners!!! In the end, it was pretty obvious who the two Winners would be and I "signed off" on my decision. Soon enough the winners will be receiving "those" phone calls and/or Congratulatory emails Yeaayyyy!). Congrats to the Winners--I'm not telling you now but you'll find out soon enough!---and Hope everyone had a great Prom Season 2011!!!!

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