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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss USA 2011 Evening Gown Portraits: The Best

Pageant Gowns Me Likey...
Miss New York USA Amber Marie Collins: Gown Proper
In my previous post, I discuss my "Nick Pageant Two Cents" on which gowns made the "Nick Miss Mess" List from looking at the new Miss USA 2011 "Evening Gown Portraits". So, for the sake of having "Positive Pageant Gown Karma", allow me to discuss the Good (yeayyyy!!!) and the ones I did like. Now, remember these may or may not be the gowns these lovely women will wear in the Final Telecast but still, since they are gowns nonetheless, I'll do my "Nick Two Cents" Review. Here are some of my Faves: Miss California USA: Already one of the favorites and top contenders (in pageant fan forums) for the Miss USA 2011 crown, Miss California USA Alyssa Campanella is a REAL model by profession (you know how most of these girls say they are "models" but posing for your Local Mall Calendar doesn't give you that title), and therefore, knows how to really work it! She's simply stunning, very Rita Hayworth. For her official "Miss USA Evening Gown Portrait", she wore a black (or dark navy?) jersey gown with sequin accents. It's simple and elegant. I am SURE she'll bust out with a more impacting gown for the Final Night if and when she makes it to the Top 10. But because of its simplicity, modernity and OMG, there's NO SLIT-up-to-THERE, she get's "Nick Happy Points". Miss District of Columbia USA: Heather Danelle Swann, went elegant, all-over sequined and white for her gown choice in the Official Evening Gown Portrait. I'm happy that she--and her gown-- didn't look as if it came from a pageant in 1991--as opposed to 2011!! Thank you Heather Danelle. I think she looks wonderful and so does the gown. Yes, it's plunging, but Thank God, she didn't do PLUNGING AND a high slit. Well done Miss District of Columbia USA! Miss Illinois: OK, huney: WORK...that sweet look of yours--in an all-over sequined-and-applique gown! Yes, the gown is a bit on the "heavy" side, in terms of all that embroidered sequin applique, but see, this girl knows. She softened her hair, her make-up, her absence of accessories (just the earrings and a little ol' ring) and Hello: No Slit again! It's not that I dislike SLITS--don't get me wrong--it's just a slit UP TO THERE PLUS an all-over sequined and feathered gown AND Clear Lucite Stripper Heels--well...No. Anyhow, Miss Illinois USA looks FAB and I like the silhouette of the gown. It fits beautifully. Miss New Jersey USA: Now speaking of slits, this is how you do slits right! Julianna White chose to wear a bubblegum pink crepe strapless gown with crystal sequin detail at the midriff, cascading down to the hips. I LOVE this gown and the COLOR, and see ladies: The Strapless section FITS; it's not 3 inches below her armpit at the sides. I also like how the peep-toe pumps match. Julianna and her gown are SOOOO Miss "Name a South American Country"! And that means one thing: She's got EXCELLENT Pageant Advisers behind her. Miss North Dakota USA: When I first saw Brandi Lynn Schoenberg, Miss North Dakota USA, and her gown, I must say, I smiled. The strapless gold/nude gown covered in turquoise jeweled sequins was actually really GOOD! THIS is a quality--and probably expensive gown. I love the heavy-to-light cascading effect of the jeweled detail on the dress and I also love the nude horsehair trim at the bust neckline and hem. I just wished she would have "lightened" up on the hair style and make-up department. Again, from the neck up, she falls into the "I look like a 46 year old Real Housewives of Orange County" Miss USA malaise... Miss Connecticut USA: Last but not least, there was Miss Connecticut USA Regina Turner. Regina TURNED it out with an original stunner of a gown, in what looks like laminated "patent leather"-looking fabric. It's very Armani Prive-esque--in terms of the fabrication (I know it's not since A) It's not in the Runway Photo Look Book and B) An actual Armani Prive custom-made Haute Couture gown can cost about $45,000-$100,000---I doubt Miss Connecticut USA has that kind of budget...). The strapless section fits; there's no overt I-like-dirty-Twitter-photos cleavage, and the silhouette and length are just right! You Go Pageant Girl!

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Anonymous said...

All the gowns except Illinois, DC and California were made by Gionni Straccia. He is the same designer that made Miss Oklahoma's 2010 Morgan Woolard dress, Dayana Mendoza Miss Universe 2008 and Estefania Fernandez, Miss Universe 2009.

Anonymous said...

Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York and North Dakota was designed by Venezuelan Gionni Straccia. North Dakota's gown was first used at the 2007 Miss Venezuela pageant.

Anonymous said...

The gown of Miss North Dakota USA is worn by Miss International del Cafe 2008 in Colombia and
Mónica Bsereni (1st runner-up)
here is the link

and this