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WHO WORE WHAT?.....38th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards: The Oh Dear Top 10

Daytime Emmy Awards Red Carpet OH DEAR! Top Ten!!! I'm just going to make this Short and Not-so-Sweet--in terms of my Daytime Emmys Red Carpet Fashion Two Cents. I present to you my "Oh Dear! Daytime Emmy Awards Ladies"... The Finalists: Petal Pusher: Pink Petal Prom Disaster--It's like someone tried to Knock Off something from Project Runway Season 5 Winner Leanne Marshall...but didn't succeed. I loved the hair though (insert Happy Face). Where's The Rest of My Dress: Oh huney! Did you forget the rest of your dress? This is unacceptable. Maybe on the runway, it looked H.O.T. Hot on a 6 foot tall model from Brazil but here, in real life, on the red carpet, it looks as if you ran out of your secret lover's hotel room right before his wife showed up! Scuba No: Now, I realize the whole "Scuba" Theme is big for Resort 2012, but...What in the name of Color-Blocking Fashion is this above? And those necklaces? Were they really necessary? On stage, that neckline looked a teeny weeny bit TOO PLUNGING as well. The "sistahs" didn't look so nice. Her hair and make-up look were very good though (see, I try to include some positives). Tonya Harding Meets Daytime Drama: Bless Her Swarovski Crystal Studded Purse Heart. Let me guess: Judith Lieber? (the purse, that is) The dress is A LOT of Bubblegum Pink--and I'm a fan of Barbie Bubblegum Pink but maybe not so much of it. And why is the top section inspired by a Figure Skating Costume? Tonya Harding We've Got A (Fashion) Problem! Real Housewives of Orange County Garage Sale: Two Word: Oh No! It's a Handkerchief-y's's Wrong. Someone made a mistake and told her she was going to a 20th High School Reunion for one of the "Real Housewives of Orange County" as opposed to "Hello, it's the Daytime Emmy Awards"! Maybe at a resort in Marrakesh but not on the Red Carpet. Pageant Betty: Well well well, it looks like one of Miss USA 2011 Contestants decided to "jump ship", leave the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Telecast and went straight to the Las Vegas Hilton instead! I wonder if her "handler" even knew she was missing? What is with this gown: The garish colors and the feathers on the boobie (sorry for the Kindergarten-speak), the mesh/nude-and-diamante inset... Athens On a Budget: I get that the Grecian Goddess Look is still very in--I am a big Fan of this, but the dress is a bit of a misstep here. I think it's the "striped" fabrication--why isn't it just gathered and draped like all the other Grecian Goddess dresses? And then the addition of the necklaces, earrings that a "crown"/headband? Oh those Daytime Drama girls love their accessories huney. Quick, A Steamer: Looks like someone tried to "recreate" that Gucci Spring 2011 "Look of the Season"...and it did not work. This is like "Wet Seal/Contempo Casuals" Does Gucci. And the wrinkling didn't help. Hand-held Steamer anyone? Runner Up: Toddlers & Tiaras Red Carpet: Please tell me she is on some SERIOUS medication. Please. Why is she smiling? I guess I give her points for even walking out of the house, getting in a car and doing the Red Carpet. Who thinks of these two VERY different prints and then decides to combine them? Who? My favorite part, though, is THAT "TLC Toddlers & Tiaras" hair-DON'T. Will someone PLEASE stop hairstylists from doing side ringlets?? PLEASE!!! But The Award Goes To: My Window Curtains Are Gone: I ABSOLUTELY love this woman. Any person who would have the chutzpah to just go out, in public, to a BIG Red Carpet Event--in THIS Dress--must be a HOOT to be with! This dress is now on my official "Worst Dresses of 2011" List (I just created the list!). It's like she went to Western Costumes and got an old Marie Antoinette costume (or some curtains from a "Period Film") and decided to pair it with an unrelated black dress she had in her closet from 1987. It's either that or there's a new Project Runway copy-cat show filming in LA as we speak and this was the result of one of the unfortunate Challenges.

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Sam said...

Absolutely hilarious! I agree with you on all these fashionably disabled looks.