Sunday, July 17, 2011
Beyoncé in NIKOLAKI, "Best Thing I Never Had" music video
I just returned from almost two weeks in London, Mykonos (Oh how much I miss those beaches!!!), Rome and Florence, Italy, where, along with my design and business partner David Paul, we showed some of our NIKOLAKI Collection for the first ever Miami University of Ohio "Summer In Italy" Fashion Show. More on the entire trip in an upcoming blog posting later, of course (working on editing the 400+ photos and videos!). While there, I received word that Beyoncé--yes, THE Beyoncé--wore one of our NIKOLAKI dresses in her latest video "Best Thing I Never Had".
Beyoncé Prom Diva: Beyoncé in NIKOLAKI, "Best Thing I Never Had" music video
We grabbed some screen caps here from the video where she is doing a "look back" at a "younger Beyoncé" and where she wears our silk-wool ziberline fuchsia strapless dress with side draped detail. I was so excited that I think I actually stopped my sunbathing in Mykonos and yelled a "Go Miss Beyoncé!" in front of about 200 Italian and Australian fellow beach-goers! does a style "look by look" of the video HERE
Above is the dress from our NIKOLAKI Spring 2011 Collection modeled by model Lauren Gish Photo by Evans Vestal Ward
Click Below to watch the entire "Best Th9ing I Never Had" Music Video:


Anonymous said...

Debi Butler said...

Congratulations, Nick. I couldn't be happier for you!

MoHansen said...

Was bummed to see People magazine's post about the "Best Thing I Never Had" video (August 1, 2011, p. 43) didn't mention Nikolaki in its list of designers. But, I guess that's because they were focusing on her "new" look -- even though Beyonce rocked the "old" look too!

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