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ROYAL COUTURE.....Prince Albert Charlene Royal Wedding Red Carpet

Fashion Royals... This weekend's "Prince Albert and Charlene of Monaco Royal Wedding" brought out all the top royals, from Europe, Africa, name it, they were there huney! In addition, it was also a "Fashion Royal" A-List event--where several of Europe's top Fashion Designers and Models also somehow, got one of those prized invitations. It's Monaco, after all: Euro Royals-Meets-Euro Fashion: Giorgio Armani and niece Roberta Armani in Armani Prive Spring 2010: Armani, who designed the bride's gorgeous wedding gown arrived with his NIECE--and the director of VIP PR for the House--Roberta Armani. Giorgio, who is (wait for it) an unbelievable, 76 YEARS OLD (he's about to turn 77 next week!), looked very trim and dapper (and about 56 years old!!), while his niece Roberta wore a dress... "Inspired" by an Armani Prive Spring 2010 black strapless gown with attached side cape detail. The version Roberta wore was "cocktail length". Naomi Campbell in Alexander McQueen: Supermodel Naomi Campbell arrived in a one-shoulder flower-embroidered mint-green gown from Alexander McQueen Pre-Autumn/Winter 2009 Collection, with Russian boyfriend Vladislav Doronin, property tycoon and Russia's "Donald Trump", albeit a (little bit) hotter version (Naomi ain't no fool! She knows who does and who DOES NOT have private planes darling!). Roberto Cavalli and his second wife, Eva Cavalli: Eva was a former Miss Austria and a Miss Universe 1977 Runner Up, and she is also Chief Designer and Business Partner for La Roberto! Miss Eva wore a navy blue pant suit with sequin top, HUGE hoop earrings and a FAB navy blue hat. Karolina Kurkova in Chanel by Karl Lagerfeld Haute Couture Fall 2009 (yes, it's three yrs old...almost "Vintage!")--Karolina looked smashing in... the navy blue suit-dress made from silk taffeta with sequin crystal back "train". Inquiring minds want to know if A) She ordered it and had it "made to order" (and therefore payed the $50-75,000 cost, which I am sure Karolina can afford) or... B) Did she just borrow the Archive Runway Sample? Just wonderin' Finally... Karl Lagerfeld and his (fill in the blank) Sebastien Jondeau--Karl was of course, present at the Monaco Royal Wedding as he is not only a close family friend but dressed Princess Caroline, her daughter Charlotte, Princess Stefanie's daughter Pauline as well as several others. Lagerfeld arrived with Sebastien Jondeau--who has been recently refered to as "Lagerfeld's "shadow" . Look at Karl's fingerless gloves! You. Do. Not. Want. To. Mess. With. Those...

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Svatební šaty said...

I really liked Naomi Campbell´s clothes, she looked gorgeous!