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PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 9 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 1

A Crotch KRAZEE Pajama Party! This:
Equals This:
Dress from designer/contestant Bert Keeter, Project Runway Season 9--First Challenge
Last night was the Season 9 Premiere of Project Runway on Lifetime. It featured the MOST EVER contestants EVAAAH (!!) on any Project Runway season: Twenty. But then, after a "Showdown of Designer Musical Chairs Judging" by Miss Heidi Klum, Tim Gunn, Miss Nina Garcia and Michael Kors, 4 were sent home (or back to their "Hotel Hiding Place" to wait it out and be sequestered for a month of doing nothing). Then the official 16 Designers got off-and-running very early the next morning with a 5AM Wake Up from Gunn. The Challenge was to create a look using what they slept in plus a bed sheet from their Atlas digs. The results of the Project Runway Pajama Party were lots of KRAZEE Crotch pant ensembles (somehow they all drank the Bad Crotch Pant Kool-Aid!) and yes, some decent looks. But, nothing extraordinary. Huney, give me a bed sheet and silk pajamas from China Town and I'll give you a one shoulder Grecian-Goddess draped gown!!!! Besides my favorite from the winner Bert Keeter--here were some that I also liked: Fallene Wells: Such a cute, fun quirky dress. And so well made! Nice side invisible zipper darling and LOVE the drawstring hem! Becky Ross: Well made, well fitted one shoulder dress. Love the baby blue color (I'm sure it was "too pastel-y" for the judges) and the details and styling (Gosh this model is GA-GA-Gorgeous!). Olivier Green: I LOVED the suiting he showed in the "Road To Runway Special"! Incredible. And this jacket and skirt look were consistent with that. This look is very Alexander Wang-meets-Calvin Klein. Very New York City! The only thing I fear is the all-gray-all-monochromatic-simple chic aesthetic might end up "Too One Note" for the show and the judges. Time will tell... But, now, let's go back to those CRAZY CROTCHES: Designer Julie Tierney's outfit of a printed & color-blocked top with "Parachute"-looking wide-legged pants was a bad look strewn together from a Goodwill Store. The pants were a MESS. Julie showed some AMAZING outerwear during the "Casting Special" and so I assumed she would have done a FAB Cocoon coat out of all that poly-cotton bed sheet fabric...but nope, she did some FUGLY pants! Next up on the Bad Crotch Alert: Joshua Christensen. Huney, those shorts were three sizes too small. Exhibits A and B: Notice the pulling "whiskers" on the crotch and the side pulling opening up the pockets and rising the outseam of the short. Classic Pant 101 signs that it is TOO DAMN TIGHT. Someone who called in sick during "Pant Making Week" of Fashion College, was Laura Kathleen. Boy oh boy oh boy! First off, those pants are a NASTY shade of "Day After a Nuclear Explosion Gray". And then, again, we have a KRAZEE Crotch and too-tight waist. When you can make a size 2 model look "hippy" you know you've done something wrong! Notice the pulling of the darts and upper hip area. I'm getting the feeling that I may need to give a Fit Class to incoming Project Runway contestants. For a BIG fee! Just-learned-how-to-sew Miss Trinidad and Tobago 2008 Anya Ayoung Chee's look, which was one of the judges faves (still don't know why), also was a victim of amateur pattern-and-fit education. Michael, Nina, Heidi--they all LOVED her pants but look above: I want to grab about FOUR inches off that saggy crotch! Finally, skirts were not immune to fit problems last night. How designer Cecilia Motwani slipped past the judges "Worst List" is beyond me. If that model took one more step, we would have seen her BRITNEY! Not cute. But the Worst Offender was Rafael Cox, who became the first official Season 9 Casualty (technically the FIFTH!). His was pretty BAAAD. Just for the plain fact that those gray leggings made the model look like a homeless Tranny going to the liquor store at 1:58am is enough to get the Auf Wiedersehen !! Here's the "Intro" to My Recap of the First "Premiere" Episode: Fashion Grand-Daddy Is BACK!
Gather your friends, uncork the red wine, get some crudités and put your best skinny jeans on. Why? HELLO: Season 9 of "Project Runway" is finally upon us! (Gosh, we missed you, Tim!) When we last left the "Grand-daddy" of Fashion Reality Shows, there was MAJAH drama: In case you forgot, the favorite of last season, Mondo Guerra, didn't win and instead the crown went to Gretchen Jones, who quickly gained the moniker of “America's Most Despised Woman on Reality TV."
Before you knew it, there were rioters with pattern shears demonstrating in front of Parsons and the Lifetime headquarters. OK, not so much. (I love to exaggerate!) Cut to nine months later, and the anger has subsided, and now, we're moving forward. New season and (I'm sure) new "characters" to love and hate. Oh, and yeah, there's the FASHION!
To Read my entire Recap--Click HERE on "Project Runway Blogs" and of course, PLEASE let me know your "Two Cents"!!! I LOVE reading all the comments!

4 Responses to "PROJECT RUNWAY.....Season 9 Project Runway Recaps: Episode 1 "

Tom Saaristo said...

LU-HUVED the recap! Thanks Uncle Nick! said...

Thanks Nick, Great Recap. Now, I really have to say I thought Julie should have been eliminated last night. Those pants looked like she made them with her feet, eyes closed, in the dark after a lobotomy,& being chased by Wendy Pepper. Yes the 1 sent home was bad, but I can't get those horrible pants out of my head.
I love that color-blind Anthony Ryan is on the show, did pretty well, & showed his previous works which were awesome.
And Anya lies. I believe she lies. I say no way she just started sewing 4 months before Project Runway. Didn't she say she never made pants before or sewn silk organza? They did have an issue or 2, but they looked great from behind.
I didn't like Burt's the most. I liked Bryce's, Joshua M's, Olivier's, & Laura's work more. I would have picked either Bryce or Olivier, with Joshua M 3rd.

Tbone said...

Nick - how did you miss Anthony Ryan's Pubic Patch crotch??


Sandye said...

Thanks for the fun recap - "see her Britany" just cracked me up!