Saturday, July 23, 2011
Yep, me...
Returning Blogger: Nick Verreos, to blog Project Runway Season 9
I'm so excited to be joining designers Mychael Knight, Johnathan Kayne Gillespie (both from Season 3) and "Momma Peach" , Peach Carr (from Season 8) as a Recap Blogger for Lifetime's I am honored (sorry, I know, I sound as if I am receiving an award!!) to be a "returning Blogger" for Project Runway. I will--as always--try to put my "Uncle Nick" twist on things, and see the episodes both as a Designer who owns a company for ten years, a Fashion College Instructor, as well as someone who has "been there/done that", oh and yes, be a little funny and sassy at the same time :) Just a little bit. I can't wait!!! Click HERE for my BLOG on


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