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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2011: Preview of the National Costumes

São Paulo...Here We Come!!!
Costume Redux: Mai Phuong Thuy - Miss Vietnam World 2006; Sources say this will be the National Costume for Miss Vietnam Universe 2011 Vu Thi Hoang My
Beauty Pageant Fans...yes, that means YOU (well, me, really!!!), the 60th Annual Miss Universe 2011 Pageant is next month (Final Telecast is Monday September 12th) and 89 contestants (surpassing the previous record of 86 contestants in 2006) from all over the world are arriving in São Paulo Brazil--site of this year's pageant. So what if all the tickets have been all but, given away to the "Elite" of São Paulo and if you're about to spend THOUSANDS of dollars to fly to Brazil, book a hotel and plan to go see the finals (not no mention all that Churrasco you plan on eating!)--well, you might not be able to see the pageant (I hear there might be some seats left in the "nosebleed section" of the theater). can enjoy all my Miss Universe 2011 BLOG postings here!!! First up: A Preview of what the contestants will be wearing to represent their nations, in terms of their "National Costumes". I've gathered some images from the world wide web which will give the pageant fans a "taste". Enjoy: ASIA:
Miss Korea Universe 2011 Jung so-ra: Very traditional; it's rich and elegant.
Miss Singapore Universe 2011 Valerie Lim: Asia meets Indian sari meets "Oh-that's a REALLY high Side Slit!"
Miss Thailand Universe 2011 Chanyasorn Sakornchran: FIERCE Thai Goddess with a "nod" to Madonna and Jean Paul Gaultier's "cone bra"!!
Miss Indonesia Universe 2011 Nadine Ames: High-Slit Traditional. She needs some LONG gold finger nails to finish this look!
Miss South Africa Universe 2011 Bokang Montjane: Multi-colored Fashion School Project-looking Tulle and Prints
Miss Slovenia Universe 2011 Ema Jagodic: A green gown with a green tulle back overskirt. Very 2001.
Miss France Universe 2011 Laury Thilleman: Oh, how cute is that? She's Marie Antoinette eating cake and powdering herself! The Fleur-de-lis appliqued blue, red and white gown is very over-the-top Drag Queen, but I think c'est pourquoi je l'aime
Miss Romania Universe 2011 Larisa Popa: Dracula cape meets lingerie stripper meets Pocahantas???
Miss Ireland Universe 2011 Aofi Hannon: Wow, very "Clash of The Titans"!! What that has to do with Ireland..we will soon find out I am sure...
Miss Czech Republic Universe 2011 Jitka Novackova: Looks like a variation on the Gateway Arch in St. Louis Missouri and Demi Moore's tacky Academy Award gown from 1989...
Miss Dominican Republic Universe 2011 Dalia Fernandez: Mermaid sequined Diva. This should be on a Barbie Doll!
Miss Aruba Universe 2011 Gillain Berry: Welcome to Carnival kids!!! Love anything that opens up to big ol' wings!!!!
Miss Haiti Universe 2011 Anedie Azael: She had me at SEQUINED PAILLETTE PALM TREE. Love!
Miss Venezuela Universe 2011 Vanessa Goncalves: Just released!! Yes, kids, this is what the current Venezuelan titleholder for Miss Universe will be bringing--and wearing--to the Miss Universe 2011 Pageant. It is inspired by "Diosa Yara" María Lionza --or Goddess Yara, who guards and protects the jungle; represents religious mysticism and the strained ecology of Planet Earth. Designed by Venezuelan designer from the State of Zulia, Nidal Nouaihed. It features thousands of turquoise, green and silver crystals in degrade' form and a silhouette of a mythological dragon. I wonder if that tail is to "snap" any of the other contestants...if they get too close?
Miss Colombia Universe 2011 Catalina Robayo: This National Costume", titled "Golfo de Morrosquillo" (Gulf of Morrosquillo, a gulf of the Caribbean Sea in Colombia), was designed by Alfredo Barraza and I think it's FAB-u-LOUS!!! It's like the big ol' hat just exploded and created a sassy "Road to Rio Bob Hope Movie" gown!!!
Miss Peru Universe 2011 Natalie Vertiz: Inca Warrior Princess for a National Costume...well, you really cannot go wrong with that! She gets an "A" from me!
Miss Ecuador Universe 2011 Claudia Schiess: Love the gold, love the feathers, very Inca Empire Princess. Interesting for a girl with the last name of SCHIESS--doesn't sound very "Inca" to me...Well, Thank goodness she's not wearing a bunch of BANANAS (as you know, they are one of Ecuador's biggest exports, of course)! I'll give her that.
Miss Paraguay Universe 2011 Alba Riquelme: Looks like someone is REALLY getting ready to go to the Carnival with this ensemble! I just have one question: How the heck do you pack that? And who pays for the extra baggage fees???
Miss Chile Universe 2011 Vanessa Ceruti: OK, this is really one of my faves: She is GIVING you "Sexy Miner"--lest you forget all about those infamous Chilean Miners...FABULUSO!!!!

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Nicky said...

Thanks for putting this together. You made my morning.

Ricardo Suárez said...

Me gusta el de Republica dominicana... el de puerto rico y el de venezuela aunque aun no me cuadra mucho.. por twitter te mande la foto del de venezuela amor.. Besos

Roze Meisje said...

Beautiful Costume of Eccuador, France, Dominican Republican!!

Anonymous said...

There are a mistake, Miss Viet Nam Universe 2011 isn't the girl in your picture.She is Mai Phuong Thuy - Miss Viet Nam World 2006.Please use another photo instead.

Anonymous said...

Love Irelands but wish I could see the whole outfit. The detail I can see looks incredible.