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SASHES AND TIARAS.....Miss Universe 2011 Evening Gown Portraits: Best of Golden/Ivory

The Golden Ivory Girls...
Miss Korea Universe 2011 Sora Chong: Perfect in Strapless and creme/gold and sequins--Safe and Oh-so-Right
In my previous post, I talked about my "Nick V. Top Ten" in the Miss Universe 2011 "Evening Gown Portraits", which were just released on the Miss Universe Website. There were several golden/ivory gowns--ones which I call the "Pageant Safe" gowns--which were also quite good and therefore, I wanted to do a separate post on my favorites of this bunch. Let's begin with my "Top" of... The Golden Ladies: Miss Ireland Universe 2011 Aofie Hannon: Besides one of my favorites in this "Golden Section"--Miss Korea Universe (on the top of this post), I also like Miss Ireland Universe 2011: Gorgeous girl, gorgeous gold beaded gown. Last year, Miss Ireland was one of the favorites to take the crown--she didn't, but got a Trump Models Contract instead! Will Aofie (love her name!) have the same fate? Miss Egypt Universe 2011 Sara El Khouly: I really like this gown and therefore I've included it as part of my Gold/Creme Section. I love the degrade' beading from torso/top section down toward the waist. It's SAFE and it works. Also, good choice for her nude-colored non-stripper heels (or those UGLY black ones some of the contestants unfortunately chose). Now, moving onto the "Ivory Girls": Miss Ukraine Universe 2011 Olesia Stefanko: White with gold trim "Goddess-Lite" gown. Very simple, safe and beautiful. She's a very CHIC Spartan Princess in one of those random Hollywood blockbuster movies...or at the red carpet of one. Miss Guam Universe 2011 Shayna Jo Afaisen: This strapless, sequined and feathered gown is TOTALLY "Pageant Safe" in my book--and still beautiful. Nothing out of the ordinary, but still just right. Out of ten, she's like an 8.5. (if I was a judge). When in doubt girls, just pick this gown from the rack, you'll be "OK". She's probably the most fashionably elegant in Guam...but in the Universe??? Speaking of Safe and Perfect: Miss Aruba Universe 2011 Gillain Berry--Last but not least in this group of Golden/Ivory gowns, is the very pretty Miss Aruba Universe 2011--Nothing wrong with her and this choice of a strapless ivory beaded gown. Is it "Miss Universe" winner-worthy? Don't know. But for the "Evening Gown Portraits", her and her pageant advisers did it right and played it "Nick V. Pageant Safe". *Next Up: The OH-NO-YOU-DIDN'T Evening Gowns!!!! In other words--The HOT MESSES!!!

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Anonymous said...

Miss Ireland's Gown is the final night gown of Miss Australia last year. It's kinda mortal sin to repeat a gown which was seen by millions of people last year.